Ghardaia, the jewel of Algeria, and the city of the seven palaces with unique architecture, between its geographical location, its distinctive traditions, and its rich history, made it a desert tourist pole with distinction.
When walking between the alleys of its ancient palaces, the tourist is dazzled by the beauty of its magic, as it includes many archaeological areas listed in the lists of world human heritage according to the evaluation of UNESCO, all this and more in one of the most ancient tourism cities in Algeria

The best hotels in Ghardaia

The city of Ghardaia includes many hotels that diversify in a way that satisfies its visitors. The accommodations provide the finest rooms and suites equipped with the best facilities and the provision of multiple services, along with its unique location near the most important tourist attractions in the city, and below we will display a list of the best hotels in Ghardaia, according to the reviews of Arab visitors And their opinions .. Read more

Ghardaia tourism

Hadara camp

In Al Hadara Camp, the city of sand and natural beauty presents Ghardaia with a unique nature, which allows many enjoyable activities for tourists, including golden sand skiing, camel rides, and all-wheel drive bikes in a fun and springy atmosphere, with breathtaking views that mix sand Sprawling green spaces, you can also relax in one of the tents provided by the camp with a delicious meal of local cuisine.

Tourism in Ghardaia

The valley of the gutter

Founded more than a thousand years ago, and classified by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage sites, and to visit this special region, group tours are organized with guides to help tourists discover the country’s treasures, and enjoy sightseeing of its historical monuments and unique architecture across the world, which It consists of shrines, mosques, and one-storey houses.

Ghardaia city

Ghardaia palaces

Palaces are one of the most distinctive features of tourism in Ghardaia, where its history dates back to the stone age that rock inscriptions attest to, and by the beginning of the Islamic period it was famous for residential gatherings in the form of antique palaces unified in its shape, design and homogeneous colors, which made this city stand out from the rest of the Algerian cities, Known for its architecture and palaces.
In the valley of the gutter in the city of Ghardaia, its five palaces were included in the World Heritage List, namely the Palace of Bani Ghardaia, Banoura, Al-Atef, as well as the Malika Palace and the Palace of Bani Yazqin, which dates back to the eleventh century.

Ghardaia city

Ghardaia mosques

Ghardaia has a lot of antique mosques that come at the forefront of each of its cities as a line of defense for them, while its internal composition is very simple and streamlined, and there are no engravings or decorations on its walls, while the minaret is located on the houses that surround it circularly, and among the mosques of the city Atiq Mosque, Al-Manara Grand Mosque, Banourah Mosque, and many historical mosques in Ghardaia.

Ghardaia tourism

Noah’s Ark Zoo

One of the most popular places in the city, and the first of its kind in the state of Ghardaia, it is the greatest refuge for families of the city’s residents and neighboring cities, whose name indicates that they include large numbers of pets and predators, birds, and reptiles, of various kinds, which allow you to tour Wonderful in its surroundings, do not miss to visit this unique garden.

Ghardaia Province

Old Ghardaia Market

The old market is considered a carrier of the civilization and culture of the country, distinguished by its architecture and splendid design as if it dates back to centuries ago, it was established in 1884 AD, and since ancient times it was a kiss for local and foreign commercial caravans, this market is not only a destination for the people of Ghardaia, but annually attracts millions From visitors from various Algerian states and from tourists from abroad, where they find their way to life, giving them an opportunity to learn about the proximity to a civilization and a unique lifestyle.
Everything is traditionally sold in this market, especially carpet weaving, bedding and wool rugs, along with copper works, pottery, and leather goods.

Tourism in the province of Ghardaia

Zulfana spa, mineral water

One of the febrile water springs, and it is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, and through which Ghardaia offers medical treatment, because it distinguishes these baths with properties that are able to cure some diseases, as visitors come to them for the purpose of relaxation and comfort, to enjoy all the services and comfortable stay provided to them. .

Ghardaia tourism

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