Flowers and gardens Festival is one of the most diverse and prosperous parks in Yanbu, where it is filled with various types of bright wild roses, and includes the rarest types of seasonal plants distributed with high art in various forms, and the garden is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Yanbu with distinction for what it provides from the experience of not Repeated among the charming nature.

It thus joins the most beautiful tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, as it attracts many visitors to see the wonderful nature of the park.

Garden of flowers in Yanbu

Activities you can do in Yanbu flower garden

• Due to the rare garden and different wild plants contained in the garden, it represented its visitors a dazzling seasonal paradise packed with unparalleled beauty, to become a quiet Hebrew outlet on holidays and holidays.

Garden of flowers in Yanbu

• The garden has a private area for families and friends to spend time in the fresh air and among the lush greenery between its sides. There is also a walkway through the gardens and flowers that gives you the opportunity to walk between the sides of the garden.

Garden of flowers in Yanbu

• After a fun tour of the wonderful garden, you can have your meal in the restaurant in the heart of the garden or have your own drink in the cafeteria there.

Yanbu Flowers City

• The park includes a number of different wild birds, such as parrot and peacock, which you can watch close-up and enjoy their charming colors.

Yanbu flower garden

• Also available in the garden are rooms for displaying paintings and works of talented people and manufacturers of primitive craftsmanship from the people of the country from which you can buy the necessary quality products.

Garden of flowers in the city of Yanbu

• You can ride the floating raft in the garden, and watch all its carefully crafted roses in very beautiful shapes, as well as see the rest of the garden’s delightful attractions.

Stems flower garden

The best hotels near the flower garden in Yanbu

The luxury hotel Yanbu is one of the best 4-star hotels in Yanbu, and it is 11.9 km away from the flower garden
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel was rated very good for cleanliness, comfort, great location and services.

The Yanbu Holiday Hotel is one of the best Saudi hotels in Yanbu 5 stars, and the park is 15 km away.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel was rated very well for staff cooperation, room quality, comfort and quality of breakfast.

The location of the Yanbu flower garden on the map

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