Corniche Al Khobar is one of the most important tourist attractions in the wonderful Khobar. The Corniche area attracts many visitors because of its distinctive natural and recreational places. The length of the new Khobar Corniche is 1 km while its total area is 11 km square.
The Corniche overlooks the Arabian Gulf Sea and extends along the Corniche palm trees and exquisite green spaces, as well as spread along the Corniche a number of the most important restaurants, cafes and entertainment places most famous in the news.

Khobar Corniche

Activities you can do in the Khobar Corniche

• Visitors resort to the Corniche in Al-Khobar in order to spend hours of calm and relaxation on the spectacular sea view, amid greenery and wonderful palm trees. The Corniche provides an atmosphere of nature that helps you to relax and purify your mind.

New Khobar Corniche
• As the Corniche in the new Khobar is fully paved and provides a wide area for walking, you can enjoy walking on the Corniche in the morning or practicing light jogging, and you can also enjoy your own bike ride on the Corniche and next to the sea.

Khobar Corniche waterfront
• For your convenience, the Corniche provides a number of rest places that include umbrellas, and the area also includes barbecue facilities, which is a great opportunity to take a picnic with your family or friends on the wonderful Corniche.

Corniche Al Khobar sea front
• Al Khobar’s Corniche, the waterfront, includes a children’s play area that includes a group of popular children’s games, and a play area for children with special needs.

Khobar Corniche site
• Al Khobar Corniche, the sea front is a wonderful place to take unique photos, so be prepared to take the most beautiful pictures of the place between the sea, greenery and the corniche landmarks, especially the famous water tower.

Khobar Corniche site
• You can also swim in the water of Al Khobar Beach during the summer, enjoy the blue water of the wonderful Arabian Gulf and spend a fun time with family or friends.

Saudi Khobar Corniche
• Finally, you can enjoy eating your meal overlooking the wonderful sea through restaurants and cafes spread along the Khobar Corniche, the waterfront.

Corniche Al Khobar, Saudi waterfront

The best hotels near the Corniche in Al Khobar

Le Meridien Al Khobar is one of the best 5-star Al Khobar hotels. The hotel is 1.8 km from the Corniche.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has received great reviews in terms of location, view, hygiene, staff, and food.
Hotel reservation
Intercontinental Al Khobar Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Saudi Arabia, Khobar, just 4.1 km from the Corniche.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel has received great reviews regarding services, hygiene, staff, facilities, quiet and comfort.
Hotel reservation

The location of the Khobar Corniche on the map

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