Anda Island is located in Selangor Pulau Indah within the Klang region, and the island includes the largest port in Malaysia, and is called Westport.
The island is considered an important destination in the city of Selangor, and ranks high in the list of the most beautiful tourist islands of Malaysia.
There are two bridges linking the island to the mainland, one linking it to the city, and the other linking it to the island of Kari and the island of Teluk Panglima Garang.
In addition to Westport Harbor, the island includes the Pulau Indah Industrial Park, which had large swamps of mangroves until 1999 AD.
The island also houses four traditional local villages, a beachfront park and Bandar Armada Putra residential area.

A scene of Anda Island

Activities you can do

• You and your family can initially spend some fun time on your trip towards Anda Island in Selangor by land or sea.

The main road to Anda Island

• Then, when you reach the island, take some pictures of the island, which amounts to the meaning of its literal name, which is the beautiful island.

Anda Island Tour

• The residents of Anda Island in Selangor have a variety of agricultural activities and fishing, where you can enjoy the most delicious traditional Malaysian meals in one of its restaurants.

Anda Island in Selangor

• You can also spend some rest and relaxation in the south of the island, which is characterized by a wonderful atmosphere of calm and charming green spaces.

Anda Selangor Island

The north of Anda Island in Selangor is completely opposite to its quiet, slow-paced south, where the bustle of life that mimics modern times will amaze you.

North of Anda Island

You should visit Pulau Indah Industrial Park, which is located in the north of the island, and the coastal park, which is characterized by its picturesque golden sand beaches.

Anda Island parks

• One of the most beautiful things you can watch, and certainly take pictures, is the sunrise and sunset moments on Anda Island in Selangor, so do not miss it.

Sunset on the island of Anda

Selangor Anda Island Hotels – Selangor

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Anda Island site in Selangor

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