Ain Mestir Ain Mestir is one of the best places of tourism in Bizerte, which is a coastal coastal region located on the Mister Beach, characterized by stunning natural scenery, and therefore this beach has been classified as one of the best beaches of Tunisia.
Ain Mestir Beach is located next to Rafraf Beach, Bizerte, 73.2 km from Tunis, and it is one of the most popular places in Bizerte to bring tourists from all over the world for hiking, leisure and spending a pleasant and pleasant time.

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Activities you can do when visiting Ain-Mostir Bizerte

• When you visit the eyes of Mister Bizerte, do not miss the opportunity to swim in this distinguished beach with fine sand and clear water. You can also play with your friends with the ball while swimming.

Appointed Mister Bizerte

• If you are a fan of adventure, then you should dive inside Ain Mestir water, watch the coral people of different colors and experience living among the fish and sea animals, even for a few moments.

Appointed Mister Bizerte Tunisia

• You can sit on the fender of Ain Mestir Bizerte, enjoy the outdoors, watch the scenic landscapes with the magnificent musical waves, and enjoy the rock splash of the sea colliding with the rocks.

Mister Mister was appointed in Bizerte

• You can ride a bike and wander around Ain Mister Bizerte, learn more about this wonderful place, and enjoy an atmosphere of pleasure.

Mister was appointed to Bizerte

• You can rent a boat and tour the waters of Ain Mestir beach and enjoy the sunset in the middle of the sea, which is an opportunity to take the most beautiful pictures.

Appointed Mister Bizerte, Tunisia

• Take a family and sit on the cafeteria of Ain Mestir Beach and have a cup of tea while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of Ain Mestir Beach in a family atmosphere full of love and affection.

Appointed Mister Bizerte

• Finally, you can sit at a restaurant near Ain Mestir and eat delicious Tunisian dishes.

Mister Mounir

Hotels near Ain Mister Bizerte

Galta Hotel is one of the best hotels in Bizerte, 49.5 km away from Ain Mestir.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received satisfactory ratings in terms of excellent staff, cleanliness, great views and services.
Some commented on the old furniture of the hotel.

Dar Ward Hotel is one of the best hotels in Tunisia, 46.8 km away from Ain Mestir.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated very good in terms of comfortable accommodation, staff, free Wi-Fi, great location, cleanliness, and value for money.


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