The Bala Bala waterfall or the Tannourine waterfall, according to other names, is a prominent tourist and natural landmark in Jbeil Lebanon in the North of Lebanon. Meters to fall through a deep chasm crossed by 3 bridges covered with green.
In addition to its unique nature, which attracts millions of tourists annually from all over the world, the waterfall is distinguished by its long history of 150 million years and its enjoyable recreational activities, the most important of which we deal in detail during the article.

The most important things to do when visiting the bolus sink

• Enjoy the beautiful landscapes provided by the amazing waterfall formation for its visitors as three bridges penetrate the flow of its flowing waters, caves and caves with a distinctive body, green spaces decorated with colorful flowers and stormed by the huge old trees.

Bolus sink

• If you are a fan of adventures and amateurs or hikes climbers then the Sink Swallow Waterfall is an ideal destination to empty your energy and raise your adrenaline rates to supply your body with the activity and vitality it needs to complete your enjoyable tours.

Where is the bolus bolus located?

• Enjoy the pleasant cool air breezes that characterize the swallowing area throughout the year and reach the point of snow covering the waterfall in winter.

Waterfall bolus bolus

• If you like swimming and diving, you can do it in the small clear pond where the waterfall pours its water.

Balaa balaa city of Batroun

• Try sliding on the cable wire to reach the rock-climbing cable car down the highlands, by rope.

Swallowing swallow in Lebanon

Visit archaeological historical sites and wonderful natural monuments that are located near the waterfall area, such as the Great Mansour Mosque, the Museum of Stuffed Animals, Qadisha Cave, Lake Banshay, and others.

Swallowing bolus

• You will definitely not miss to take some souvenir photos of those wonderful scenes that are seldom repeated.

Swallowing bolus

Hotels near Waterfall in Balaa Bala, Lebanon

Douma Hotel, which is the best 4-star hotel in Byblos Lebanon, the nearest 4-star hotel to the waterfall of Balaa Balaa, which is no more than 14 km away, the equivalent of a 25-minute drive journey through Tannourine – Laqlouq, Tannourine – Batroun.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received exceptional reviews thanks to the location, comfort, cleanliness, internet services, value for money.
Hotel reservation

Waterfall site Balaa Balaa in Lebanon

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