The Fatih Mosque Istanbul is one of the most famous landmarks of the ancient Fatih region, which tourists are keen to visit during tourism tours in Istanbul because of its architectural style and elegant interior design that combines the Ottoman and European cultures, and it also has great historical importance to the Turkish public.
Al-Fateh Istanbul Mosque was established for the first time in the ruins of an ancient Byzantine church during the period from 1463 to 1470 by order of Sultan Mehmed Murad II, famous for Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, after it was opened to the city of Constantinople (old Istanbul) ten years ago, and the original mosque was destroyed more than once by the act Earthquakes and rebuilt several times The last was in 1771 by order of Sultan Mustafa III with a plan completely different from the layout of the original mosque.
To know the most important activities that can be taken when visiting the Fatih Mosque as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey, with the best hotels near it you can follow our report.

The most important activities that can be taken when visiting the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul

• From the beginning, you can enjoy watching the mosque from the outside and take the most amazing photos of the wonderful exterior design of Al-Fatih Mosque, which was created by the famous architect Sinan in the Islamic Ottoman style.

Fatih Mosque, Istanbul

• You can also notice the most important features that Ottoman architecture is famous in terms of multiple domes and minarets of religious buildings in Turkey, where the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul includes a huge central dome surrounded by 4 small domes and two minarets.

Fatih Mosque, Istanbul

From the inside, you will truly enjoy the look of the huge marble columns, reliefs and motifs decorating the walls, the minbar and the ceilings drawn from the styles of Baroque architecture.

Fatih Mosque, Istanbul

• And if you want to see something from the ruins of the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul, before the many reconstruction and construction witnessed, you can do so by visiting the mihrab.

Fatih Mosque, Istanbul

• You can also take a quick tour of the historic service buildings surrounding the mosque building which are 8 schools, a library, a hostel for travelers, a popular market, a feeding house for the poor, with a number of shrines and shrines.
• You can enjoy a delicious local meal in one of the Istanbul restaurants located near the Fatih Mosque, such as Bab Al Hara Restaurant, The Chef Restaurant, Syrian Habak Restaurant, and Madinah Restaurant.

• Finally, you can go to the Istanbul landmarks near Sultan Al-Fatih Mosque and complete your tour between them. We recommend Al-Fassat Street in Istanbul, Arab Street in Istanbul, Al-Fatih Street Istanbul and Al-Fateh Bazaar.

The best Istanbul hotels near the Fatih Mosque

Darin Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 3-star Istanbul hotels, just 300 meters from the Fatih Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Darin Hotel Istanbul got a very good rating from Arab visitors, in terms of location, staff, place hygiene, comfort, and value for money.
Hotel reservation
Al Fateh Hotel Istanbul is one of the best hotels in Fatih Istanbul, it is only 150 meters from Sultan Mehmed Fatih Mosque

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews for its proximity to historical city landmarks and services, food quality, staff package, and general cleanliness level.

Fatih Mosque site in Istanbul

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