Trabia Istanbul, with its charming views of the Bosphorus and its refreshing and countless family parks, ranks its integrated commercial centers as one of the most beautiful and best tourist areas in Istanbul, especially European Istanbul, which makes it one of the first candidate areas to visit and stay during tourism holidays in Turkey.
During the article, we present to you a list of the best tourist places in Trabia and the most important enjoyable activities that you can take when visiting during tourism tours in Istanbul, with an additional list of the best hotels in the region.

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Trabia Istanbul hotels

Trabia has a few high-end hotels in Istanbul compared to luxury hotel apartments scattered throughout the elegant coastal neighborhood, and through the link you can find an apartment or hotel room suitable for accommodation during the holidays among the dozens of alternatives that provide high-end services at different prices .. Read more

Trabia Istanbul

The most important tourist attractions in the Trabia area in Istanbul

Trabia includes a large number of Istanbul parks and landmarks that attract a large number of families and tourists looking for quiet places that urge to relax in the Trabia area in Istanbul, and during this section we deal with the best of those places and the most important activities that tourists undertake when visiting.

Heydar Aliyev port for cruises

One of the most beautiful natural attractions for tourists in Trabia Istanbul during tourism tours in Turkey for recreation and enjoying a cruise through the Bosphorus using yachts and boats that can be rented from the adjacent marina, or fishing to establish a fun barbecue and prepare a delicious sea meal made with your hands.

Trabia Istanbul

Child park

It is an entertaining educational model for parks that many countries and cities may miss but you will stumble upon in abundance during your family tours during tourism in Istanbul
And do not think that since the park allocates its services and activities to young children that you cannot enjoy it as an adult, on the contrary of the beliefs of many, the child park provides joint cooperative activities between children and their parents using creative and innovative games.

Trabia Istanbul area

Jamlik Ergovan Natural Park

It is one of the most beautiful natural parks enjoyed by the Trabia neighborhood in Istanbul, where the spacious green spaces interspersed with wonderful and rare trees and plants with walking and hiking trails and comfortable family meetings that offer charming and direct views of the picturesque Trabia Beach.

Trabia in Istanbul

France Garden

One of the most beautiful and largest parks of Trabia Istanbul and perhaps European Europe in general, where its green surfaces and elegant sessions extend and its clear lake around which birds turn on an area of ​​57 thousand square meters with a direct view of the Bosphorus, and perhaps the most important characteristic of the Garden of France is a microcosm and emulator of the French Victory Arch, which makes it It looks like a Paris-like piece.

Trabia in Istanbul

Kerrig Borno Summer Park

A small park, but one of the most picturesque natural places that distinguish the Trabia area in Istanbul and attract the attention of tourists to it, as the park provides wonderful opportunities for lovers of tranquility looking for a relaxing atmosphere and relaxation with its charming direct view of the beach of Trabia and at the same time it is ideal for family outings with its Suitable places for barbecues.

Trabia Beach Istanbul

Trabia Istanbul restaurants

Trabia Istanbul is distinguished for its large number of restaurants and cafes specialized in preparing seafood, oriental and local cuisine, as well as italyn dishes, desserts and delicious local drinks, with wonderful views of Trabia Istanbul Beach and the Bosphorus Strait. Perhaps one of the most famous restaurants that distinguishes the region: Kiye, Bogaz and Bogaziki for Turkish food and fish meals .. Read more

Trabia area in Istanbul

Shopping in the Trabia Istanbul area

Trabia district in Istanbul has a number of modern shopping centers that sell the finest and most famous international brands of different commodities such as Eliol and Car Rental.
In addition to the popular markets that sell various products in great quality and sophistication at lower prices that suit medium to limited budgets such as Trabia Market and Coliseum Market.

Trabia area in Istanbul

The location of the Trabia area in Istanbul

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