Peace Park in Riyadh, which won the bronze award for environmental and recreational projects among the international awards, was established on an area of ​​312 thousand square meters, and is characterized by its location near the Al-Hakam Palace, which is the heart of Riyadh and its vibrant center.
It consists of different environments, including the farm area, the lake area, in addition to the protected area for animals, birds, and plants that live in the surrounding environment. It is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Riyadh.

Peace Park in Riyadh

The best activities in Al Salam Park in Riyadh

• Enjoy a rich tour of all that is beautiful inside Al Salam Park in Riyadh. You can walk over that bridge wrapped around the lake to see the features of this garden in stunning natural views that dazzles the eyes.

Peace Park in Riyadh

• Go to the lake region in the heart of the Peace Park in Riyadh, which is divided into two parts, part of which includes many fun water games, including water exchanges, and a boat.

Peace Park in Riyadh

• Inside the Salam Park in Riyadh, rest inside the thousand palm trees in a wonderful natural landscape, you will sit directly on the green areas scattered inside this region and inhale the fresh air to get the most calm and relaxation.

Peace Park in Riyadh

• To another area of ​​Al-Salam Garden in Riyadh, we head to the reserve, which includes a wonderful group of birds, animals and plants, as well as water plants and fish that live in the surrounding environment, under the supervision of guides assigned to serve visitors and familiarize them with existing animals and birds.

Salam Park in Riyadh

• The Peace Park in Riyadh is surrounded by a pedestrian walkway, so that lovers of walking and running can play their sports, in one of the coolest parks in the capital and enjoy the pleasant greenery.

Salam Park in Riyadh

• At Al Salam Park in Riyadh, you can take pictures of the other section of the lake while you enjoy a distinctive view of the luminous fountains, which extend in the heart of the lake, and they paint a wonderful painting with colorful colors and harmonious forms of water flowing from its heart.

Peace Park in Riyadh

• Have a snack from one of the shops located in Salam Park in Riyadh, which includes many of them to allow visitors to choose the best from them, which are all distinguished by distinguished service and high quality.

Peace Park, Riyadh

• Children’s play area in Al-Salam Park Riyadh, which includes a distinguished collection of fun and safe games for children at the same time, so that they get the greatest benefit from enjoyment and protection.

Peace Park in Riyadh

The times to visit Salam Park in Riyadh

The park is available to visit Al Salam Park in Riyadh seven days a week except Saturday from 16:00 PM until 02:00 AM.

Entry prices for Al-Salam Park in Riyadh

The cost of the entry card is 5.25 SAR for those over 3 years old.
For under 3 years and those with special needs, admission is free.

The best hotels near Al Salam Park in Riyadh

Roche Rayhaan by Rotana is one of the best hotels in Riyadh, 12.0 km from Al Salam Park in Riyadh.
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The hotel received great reviews for cleanliness, comfort, staff, location, facilities.
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Narcissus Hotel and Spa Riyadh is one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, 11.0 km from Salam Park in Riyadh.
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The hotel is rated great for its cleanliness, comfort, facilities, staff, and location.
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Peace Park site in Riyadh

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