One of the most visited countries that a tourist finds passion for is Turkey, where tourism in Turkey combines the charm of the East with the beauty of the West, especially tourism in Istanbul, whose capital is charming.
Baghdad Street Istanbul Bağdat Caddesi is one of the best and oldest tourist streets of Istanbul, which is located in Istanbul, specifically in the famous Istanbul Kadikoy region, and visitors have always flocked to take a walk in it and see the extent of its beauty and explore its wonderful components, as Baghdad Street Turkey dates back to the era of the Ottoman civilization, as it was It connects both Constantinople and Anatolia and was named on Baghdad Street to celebrate the annexation of Baghdad to the Ottoman Empire at the time.
In this article, we will learn about the most important activities that you can do on Baghdad Street, where is Baghdad Street in Istanbul, and how to get to Baghdad Street in Istanbul

The best things to do on Baghdad Street in Istanbul

• Before starting the visit to Baghdad Street, you must have enough passion to know the history of this ancient street, which was home to the wealthy class or as it is called “pashas” during the days of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, so you will find some remains of ancient palaces, most of which have been transferred to restaurants or stores.

Baghdad Street in Istanbul

• Early in the morning try biking on the Sea of ​​Marmara Beach line where you enjoy inhaling the scent of fresh air with friends and if you love reading and calm you can sit in a seat in front of the beach and enjoy the beauty of clear waters and a calm atmosphere of amazing beauty.

Baghdad Street, Turkey

• Enjoy the shopping experience on Baghdad Street, as the street is called “Fashion Street”, where a group of high-end Istanbul markets, famous brands and shopping centers, converge on everything that comes to mind from clothes, shoes, souvenirs, antiques and many others.

Baghdad Street, Istanbul

• On Baghdad Street, Turkey you will find many cafes and fine restaurants that are dedicated to serving the most delicious local dishes from Turkish cuisine. We can say for sure that Baghdad Street Istanbul is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul, so eat a hearty meal before starting to resume your journey in Istanbul Baghdad Street again.

Baghdad Street Istanbul restaurants

• A lot of national celebrations take place in Baghdad Street, Turkey, such as celebration of national holidays or sporting victory, as it is an important center on the Asian side of Istanbul.

• Baghdad Street Turkey extends for several kilometers, so sit under the stacked trees on both sides of the street or have a cup of refreshing juice before starting again to resume your trip in the best places in Istanbul.

Baghdad Street, Istanbul

• You can also visit the most important tourist attractions near the Baghdad Street site in Istanbul, such as visiting the most beautiful Asian gardens in Istanbul, Freedom Park in Istanbul, and you can enjoy moments full of entertainment in Bostanci Lunapark, visit the Toy Museum in Istanbul, or enjoy the pearly water on a very beach. Bostan Istanbul

Baghdad Street location in Istanbul

• Never miss the fun of taking pictures with locals or with friends on that stunningly beautiful historic street.

Shopping on Baghdad Street, Istanbul

Baghdad Street Istanbul restaurants

After completing an exciting day and unforgettable tours in a vibrant atmosphere between the city’s residents and tourists, you must eat a meal inspired by the authentic Turkish cuisine in one of the restaurants spread on Baghdad Street Turkey .. Read more

Best hotels near Baghdad Street

Suadiye Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 4-star hotels in Kadikoy Istanbul by the sea.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Sawadi Hotel impressed the visitors and gave it very good reviews in terms of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, staff, breakfast and value for money.
Hotel reservation
Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina is one of the best luxury 5-star Istanbul hotels located near the street, the distance between them reaches only 400 meters.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received great reviews for breakfast, cleanliness, comfort, value for money, staff performance, free Wi-Fi, facilities and location.

Where is Baghdad Street located in Istanbul?

Baghdad Street location in Istanbul specifically in the Asian part of Istanbul and we can determine where the Baghdad Street Istanbul is located the following Google Map.

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