The Bejaia Waterfalls or Waterfall as Farida Bejaia Cascades Kefrida are 3 waterfalls located in the Darqaina region of the Bejaia Province in Algeria, with a total height of 55 meters, about 50 km from the city of Bejaia, the state capital, and it is considered one of the most important places of tourism in the natural Bejaia.
The name of the waterfalls was derived as a unique word from the Latin word meaning fresh spring, which is the name of a village located on the mountains of Eglalaline, and from where the water falls, which is the longest waterfall in the country, and one of the most visited places in Algeria, and water falls in the waterfalls in a closed circular lake with a diameter of nearly 20 meters, surrounded by pine and olive trees, adding to the charm of the waterfalls and the place in general.
Bejaia Falls

Activities you can do at the Bejaia waterfall

• You can enjoy a drive trip from the city of Bejaia to the waterfalls, which will take about 40 minutes, and go through roads surrounded by green nature.

• Then, when you reach the site of the waterfalls of the charming jungle, you and your family enjoy a walking tour, and take some pictures of the surrounding nature.

• The sound of falling water, the spectacle of the waterfall and its steep elevation, and its circular lake that deserves to take some memorial photos will also amaze you.

• If you are a fan of swimming and are adept at it, you can enjoy your favorite sport in the basin where the water falls.

Bejaia waterfall

• You must shower in the wonderful waterfall, and there is no harm in taking some memorial photos of you while doing this.

• Then enjoy a family outing near the Bejaia waterfalls, as it is surrounded by distinctive greenery and many pine and olive trees.

You can climb to the top of the mountain from which the waterfall falls, and from there take some panoramic pictures of the whole place.

• Then, in the evening, visit the village of Ait Idris, near the Bejaia Falls, for a delicious meal in one of its popular restaurants.

Waterfall as Farida Bejaia

Hotels near Bejaia Falls

There are no hotels near the Bejaia waterfalls, but you can stay in one of the best Bejaia hotels and set aside a day to visit the waterfalls, if you want to get to know more about the hotels in Bejaia with the most important information about it and the reviews of Arab visitors to it, please visit our article dedicated to this via the following link .. Read more

Bejaia Falls site on Google Map

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