Montaza Palace, Alexandria, between magnificence, natural beauty, picturesque gardens and charming beaches. Montazah Palace is located in Alexandria, Egypt.
He built the park, Muhammad Ali Pasha, to be a summer residence for his family to spend the hot summer months, which is now considered one of the symbols of rare beauty in the world.
Its splendor lies in its unique location on the beaches of Alexandria, where it was built on a high plateau surrounded by gardens and forests on areas of 370 acres in the Montazah neighborhood east of Alexandria in Egypt, and overlooks the Montazah Bay.

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The best activities you can do in the Montazah Palace

• You can see the Montazah Palace with its gigantic luxurious doors, entrances to the entrances and exits, and comfortable organization. You can also see the gardens that included the rarest shade plants that still exist and have an area of ​​3 thousand square meters containing tropical plants that still maintain their luster for 75 years.

Montazah Palace in Alexandria

• You can see the monuments, including the famous clock tower, from which four golden statues of King Farouk came out when the clock ticked.
• You can see the tea stall built in Romen style overlooking the Mediterranean beach.
• You can see that piece of earthly paradise in which the natural swimming pools of the king and princesses were designed within the waters of the Mediterranean and that are still present.
• You can see the Princesses Cinema, adjacent to the King’s Palace, which is a walled singing garden with a large wall equipped to display world cinema movies to entertain princesses.

Montazah Palace in Alexandria

• You can see the two palaces called the Harmelak and Salamlek. The Harmelek Palace was the residence of the king’s harem and the women of the entourage of the royal family.
As for the Salamlek Palace, it was built for the entourage of the king to reside.
• The first floor has turned into an international casino, while the second and third floor has turned into a luxury hotel.
• You can enjoy serviced tourism facilities, parks, tourist centers and chalets
As the Montazah Gardens in Alexandria overlook five beaches, Cleopatra, Aida, Venice and Samir Amis, in addition to a private beach in Helnan Palestine Hotel, which contains a center for water games and diving.

The times of visiting the Montazah Palace Alexandria

Montazah Palace in Alexandria and gardens are available for visiting all days of the week from 8:00 in the morning until 16:00 in the evening
Visit times may vary according to tourist seasons.

Prices of entry cards

A ticket to enter the parks 12 pounds for tourists.

The best hotels near Alexandria Montazah Palace

Helnan Palestine Hotel is a 5-star rating, with a very good rating among the best hotels in Alexandria, located in front of the Montazah Palace and overlooking the beach
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews for the location, cleanliness, and services
Hotel reservation
Eastern Al-Montazah Hotel is a 5-star rating, with a very good rating among the best hotels in Egypt, Alexandria, less than 10 minutes by car from Alexandria Palace
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall the hotel rated good.
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Alexandria Montazah Palace location on the map

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