Al-Fateh Street Istanbul is one of the most famous and most popular historical streets of Istanbul during the tourist holidays in Turkey, as the street and the areas near it enjoy the inclusion of a number of the most important Ottoman mosques, markets, popular bazaars, antique neighborhoods, and antique buildings, some dating back to the Greek era.
To get to know the most important activities and tourist areas in Istanbul that you can pass through by visiting Mehmed Fatih Street in Istanbul, as well as the best hotels near it, you can follow the article.

The most important activities that can be taken when visiting Fatih Street, Istanbul

• You can start your visit to the Al-Fateh area with a visit to the Al-Fatih Mosque, the most famous and popular among locals and tourists, with attractive Baroque design and stunning interiors.

Fatih Street, Istanbul

• After your visit to the mosque, you can go to visit the mausoleum of Muhammad al-Fatih Fatih Constantinople and founder of the ancient city of Istanbul, which is located a few steps behind the mosque.

Fatih Street Turkey

• If you are a fan of reading and learning, you can pass through the second Beyazit Mosque and visit it as an important historical landmark of the popular Al-Fateh Mosque in Istanbul, then go to the used book market located next to it and purchase whatever books, maps and historical manuscripts you want.
Mehmed Fatih Street in Istanbul

• As for your visit, the family of Mehmed Al Fateh Street in Istanbul is a family visit, you can pass through Fawzi Pasha Street or what is known as Al Fasat Street in Istanbul to purchase the best and best formations and raw materials that suit all family members of all ages, and this is in addition to wedding and evening dresses.

Fatih Street in Istanbul

You can also pass the Fatih Istanbul Street bazaar, known as the Fatih Market or the Fatih Bazaar, which is held every Wednesday and during which the best and cheapest types of goods are promoted, such as fruits, vegetables, fresh cheeses, clothes, shoes and bags, spices, herbs and haberdashery.

Mehmed Fatih Street, Istanbul

You can also pass through a number of old neighborhoods that are famous for Fatih Istanbul Street, such as Fanar and Samatia (present-day Mustafa Pasha), where the Turkish community lived in harmony with all its religious and cultural communities for centuries, and you can discover this by visiting churches and monasteries of antique neighborhoods and enjoying seeing and photographing their wooden houses The old and popular lifestyle is still unique to the place.

Fatih Street, Istanbul

You can also visit the fish market, which is close to the Fatih Street neighborhoods in old Istanbul, before moving to the nearby Eminonu area to shop elegant souvenirs, nuts and luxury spices from the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Market.

Fatih Street, Istanbul

Finally, you can end your long tour on Al Fateh Street Turkey by heading to the nearby Sultanahmet area for a delicious local meal and a cup of delicious Turkish tea with a clear view of the Bosphorus, then visit some of its most important attractions such as the Hagia Sophia Museum and Bath, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, And many others.

Fatih Street, Istanbul

Hotels near Istanbul’s Fatih Street

Al Fateh Hotel Istanbul is one of the best hotels in Fatih Istanbul, 600 meters from Mehmed Al Fateh Street, Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews for its proximity to historical city landmarks and services, food quality, staff package, and general cleanliness level.
Hotel reservation
Dosso Dossi Downtown Hotel is one of the best 5-star Istanbul hotels, 800 meters from Mehmed Fatih Street, Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has received great reviews on amenities, location, free WiFi, staff, cleanliness, comfort, and value for money.
Hotel reservation

Fatih Street Istanbul website

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