One of the most famous Istanbul clothing markets that offers various women’s goods at cheap prices and acceptable quality makes tourists from various nationalities flock to it as a major landmark for shopping.S during tourism tours in Turkey
The popular bazaar or bazaar is located within a group of stalls on Fawzi Pasha Street, Istanbul’s most famous shopping street, in the historical Fatih area and close to the most important monuments of tourism in Istanbul, archaeological and recreational.
The article covers the most important activities that Fevzi Pasa Cd istanbul offers to its visitors, with the best Istanbul hotels near it.

The most important activities when visiting Istanbul’s dresses street

• At the beginning, you can take a quick tour of Fawzi Pasha Street, where Al-Fasat Street is located to get to know the most important commodities provided by the bazaar, the best prices and the extent of bargaining.

Street dresses in Istanbul

• Then you can buy the finest fresh vegetables and fruits from some of the specialized bazaar stalls in it.

• As for whether you are a bride or planning to attend an event, Al-Faysal Street Istanbul is your perfect place, as the bazaar includes dozens of luxurious and elegant formations for wedding and evening dresses at cheaper prices than other Istanbul markets.

Street dresses in Istanbul

• Beyond the atmosphere of events and weddings, women can visit the streets of dresses, Istanbul, variety of stylish and varied collections of regular women’s clothing, jewelry and gold jewelery to attract attention at affordable prices.

Street dresses in Istanbul

• After visiting the Fatih Bazaar, which is held every Wednesday, you can visit the Fatih Mosque, Fatih, Constantinople, Byzantine (old Istanbul), enjoy its style, wonderful architectural designs, and pray.

Street dresses in Istanbul

• You can also complete your tours during this day to visit the historical mosques in the Fatih region dating back to the Ottoman era such as: Suleymaniye Mosque, Lalali Mosque, Iskandar Pasha, Shah Radah Mosque, which is less than 10 minutes from Istanbul’s Al-Fassat Street.

Street dresses in Istanbul

• You can also wander around Fatih Istanbul Street to complete your marketing tour from the many shops located in its range.

Street dresses in Istanbul

Hotels close to Al-Fassat Street

Dosso Dossi Downtown Hotel, one of the best 5-star Istanbul hotels, is located 600 meters from Istanbul Women’s Market.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a great rating thanks to the staff, hygiene, facilities, internet services.
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Al Fateh Istanbul Hotel is one of the best Al Fateh Istanbul hotels and it is located 430 meters from Al Fasat Street in Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated good thanks to the comfort, hygiene and staff, while the hotel’s location got great reviews.
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The site of the dresses Street in Istanbul

Al-Fassat Street is located within the scope of Fawzi Pasha Street, Fatih Istanbul, near the most important historical and historical monuments of Istanbul, and the following map shows the location of Fawzi Pasha Street, and how to reach the dress market via more than one path:

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