We will not talk much about Italy’s beauty and charm, so we all know that. It is sufficient to mention Lake Como lago di como, the most beautiful parts of Italy and indeed the whole world, a haven for high people and the source of attracting tourism in Italy from all over the world, and why not, which is next to the Alps!
Lake Como is the deepest lake in the continent of Europe, with a water depth of more than 400 meters, and its depths contain many precious stones and ancient paintings dating back to Romen times, and it is considered one of the most important places of tourism in Como.

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Things to do in Lake Como

• Sit on the shores of Lake Como to enjoy the beauty of the scenic nature and take the most beautiful pictures.

    Lake Como
• Take a boat to sail around the lake and enjoy the view of the geese swimming beside you accompanied by exquisite waterfalls.

    Lake Como, Italy

• This lake is located beside the Alps so you can enjoy a mountain climb adventure and a wonderful view from the top of the mountain.

Lake Como Place
Visit the Castello Baradello Church, the most beautiful military fortress and the most famous landmarks in Lake Como, as it is located on a hill of up to 430 meters above sea level.

The most beautiful places in Lake Como
• If you love art, you can visit the Teatro Sociale theater and enjoy the beauty of its architecture and architecture.

Como attractions
• Take a suspended train and visit the Volta light house lighthouse, which is located on the top of a mountain about 29 meters high.

Lake Como in Italy
• Visit the italyn garden and enjoy the beauty of greenery, its graduation, beautiful roses and rare tropical plants.

italyn garden next to Lake Como
• You can shop where the area is famous for silk, fabrics and leather products.

Shopping on Como Island

Best hotels near Lake Como

The Metropol Swiss Hotel is one of the best 4 star Como hotels, which is about 8 minutes from the lake shore.
Summary of opinions of Arab visitors
The hotel is very well rated thanks to the quality of services, staff, facilities.
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Borgo sul Lago is one of Italy’s best hotels, located 700 meters from Lake Como.
Summary of opinions of Arab visitors
The place was rated great by its visitors for the good reception staff, hygiene, facilities, services.
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Lake Como website

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