Jeddah is called the bride of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia and is the economic and tourist capital of the Kingdom and owns the largest sea port on the Red Sea. The city is famous for its towers and its many skyscrapers, and it also boasts many historical and modern tourist places and luxurious commercial centers.

The best malls in Jeddah

In this topic, we will together learn about the best malls in Jeddah, which include the most famous and most luxurious shopping centers that contain the best international brands.

Mall of Arabia

It is located on Madinah Hira Street and is considered one of the best and most famous malls in Jeddah. The complex consists of 4 floors and includes around 350 commercial stores that include the most famous international brands in addition to restaurants and places designated for children’s play. It also contains a hypermarket in a panda… Read more

Jeddah malls

Aziz Mall

One of the best malls in Jeddah is characterized by containing entertainment places for children only. An entire floor of the complex is dedicated to children. The mall includes many stores of international brands in various fields in addition to local and international distinctive restaurants and Jian supermarket .. Read more

The best malls in Jeddah

Red Sea Mall, Jeddah

One of Jeddah’s largest malls on an area of ​​242,200 square meters. It is located near the Red Sea beach, west of King Abdulaziz Road. The complex includes many shops, restaurants, cafes, places for children to play, and a bowling alley. It also includes the Danube hypermarket .. Read more

The best shopping centers in Jeddah

Al-Serafi Mall Jeddah

This complex is located at the intersection of Prince Muhammad Abdul Aziz Street and King Fahd Street, it is considered one of the favorite shopping centers in Jeddah, it consists of 3 floors and includes a variety of famous brands in addition to international restaurants, a billiard hall and a bowling hall .. Read more

Jeddah markets

Jeddah Mall

One of the largest and best malls in Jeddah is located in Tahlia Street and it consists of 3 floors containing many shops for international and local brands in addition to restaurants, it is characterized by the presence of palm trees and beautiful water fountains

The best malls in Jeddah

Andalus Mall, Jeddah

One of the best malls in Jeddah, it is located in Al-Faihaa neighborhood, opposite King Abdulaziz Square, and it includes many international brands and restaurants in addition to a panda hypermarket and a games area equipped with the latest electrical and electronic games in addition to the ice rink .. Read more

Andalus Mall, Jeddah

Roshan Mall, Jeddah

This complex is located north of Jeddah, next to the Globe Roundabout. It includes about 100 shops in addition to the famous Panda hypermarket. The mall also contains a group of restaurants, an entertainment area and children’s games, and is considered one of the best malls in Jeddah .. Read more

The best malls in Jeddah

Hera International Mall

Hiraa Mall, located in Al-Naeem neighborhood, Hiraa Street, is considered one of the largest malls in Jeddah, as it includes a large number of shops for international brands, and includes 350 stores in addition to international restaurants and a large area dedicated to children’s play
Hotels near Hiraa Mall
Dar Al Widad Hotel is less than 10 minutes’ drive from Hira Mall and 1.7 km from Mall of Arabia ..
Hotel reservation
Heraa Mall, Jeddah

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