Istanbul’s popular restaurants have always been distinguished by offering the most delicious traditional Turkish cuisine, raising the status of Istanbul with its charm that exceeded the imagination of the rest of the tourism cities in Turkey in particular, and the rest of the cities in the world, and to enhance its uniqueness in its Asian and European divisions, and by being the only city in the world that was built on two continents, Interspersed with the Bosphorus Strait, which connects the waters of the Black Sea with the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara, so that the Golden Horn comes with an arm that scatters flowers in its heart, and Istanbul restaurants are unique with unparalleled views at the world level.

Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul has a huge amount of multi-category hotels in Turkey. Between luxury hotels and those that suit travelers within a specified budget, the city offers many accommodations that we have gathered within our comprehensive guide .. Read more

The best popular restaurants in Istanbul

The best popular restaurants in Istanbul

In the spiritual capital of Turkey there are many prominent popular Istanbul restaurants, which vary by serving traditional, Ottoman and Turkish kebabs, which have become famous throughout the land, and we will review with you in this article some of the most famous of these restaurants, which have won the approval of the city’s visitors, especially the Arabs who are they.

Hatay Istanbul Restaurant

Hatay is characterized by a location close to the city’s landmarks and tourist areas, and is one of the best popular restaurants in Istanbul that serve a variety of popular dishes .. Read more

Popular Istanbul restaurants

Kababji Mahmoud Istanbul

One of the best popular restaurants in Istanbul serving Turkish kebabs, is the Kababji Mahmoud restaurant, along with steak and grilled chicken .. Read more

Popular restaurants in Istanbul

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Sufra Restaurant is considered one of the best popular Istanbul restaurants in serving kebabs with distinct flavors, in addition to grills, pastries and many varieties of delicious Turkish sweets .. Read more

Popular Istanbul restaurants

Recep Central Istanbul Restaurant

Recep Aosta Restaurant is located in the coastal Kadikoy Istanbul, and is famous for serving grilled and stuffed chicken and sheep, and all home cooking dishes .. Read more

The best popular restaurants in Istanbul

Shervan Sofersi Restaurant

Shervan Suversi is one of the best popular restaurants in Istanbul, which is famous for serving Anatolian and Ottoman dishes, grills, and Turkish pizza .. Read more

Popular restaurants in Istanbul

Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

The restaurant bears the name of the region in which it is located, and it is one of the popular restaurants in Istanbul, which is witnessing a great turnout by Arab visitors, where the restaurant is famous for preparing grills, whether Turkish or Middle Eastern .. Read more

Kofta Sultan Ahmed Restaurant

Shia Sofersi Restaurant

Shia Suversi Restaurant enjoys a great location near the charming coast of Kadikoy, and is one of the best popular Istanbul restaurants that are characterized by calm and simple decoration, and provides traditional dishes of Turkish kebab in all its forms, which is suitable for families, as it provides a menu for children, and also serves dishes cooked with organic materials , And many vegetarian options.

The restaurant is famous for serving Turkish pizza, pastries of all kinds, soup dishes and soups, appetizers of all kinds, salads, as well as oriental sweets.

You can visit the official website of the restaurant from here.

times of work

Daily from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

The best popular Istanbul restaurants

Old Ottoman Restaurant and Café

The old Ottoman restaurant is characterized by a charming atmosphere that carries the fragrant past of its folds, and a professional staff, which welcomes customers with a warm welcome, and speaks many languages.

The restaurant is located between Eminonu and the famous Sultan Ahmed area. The restaurant offers all kinds of popular Turkish food including kebabs, stuffs, fish, and old Ottoman dishes, along with traditional sweets and drinks, especially Turkish coffee. The restaurant also offers shish tawook at competitive prices, and is considered one of the best Popular restaurants in Istanbul because of its high ratings by its Arab visitors.

You can learn more about the restaurant by visiting its page on the social networking site Facebook from here.

times of work

Daily from 12:00 midday, until 10:00 pm.

Except for Tuesday, the restaurant’s weekly holiday.

The best popular restaurants in Istanbul

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