Wadi Namar Riyadh is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Riyadh and one of the most attractive for visitors. It enjoys a picturesque nature as it includes a wonderful lake surrounded by a corniche, in addition to the dirt paths near the water, a theater on which concerts and live shows are held.
Wadi Namar Park also provides many aspects of entertainment and enjoyment that satisfy all members of the family, with the possibility of holding distinctive barbecues, or attending one of the activities that are held continuously on the land of this special valley.

The best activities in Wadi Namar Riyadh

• A special tour inside the Nammar Valley in Riyadh, enjoy your spirit in the sky, in this quiet open park filled with the most beautiful views and splendor, and listen to the roaring water coming from the waterfalls to complete the vocabulary of excellence in this wonderful art painting.

Wadi Namar Riyadh is one of the best parks in the capital

• Enjoy sitting around Wadi Namar Lake, where you can see fish and birds in the lake, and a distinctive view of the palm trees scattering left and right. The lake is surrounded by a wonderful cornice, which makes the park more beautiful.

Wadi Namar in Riyadh

• Wadi Namar waterfalls, Riyadh are among the most beautiful holdings of the park and far from its role in softening the atmosphere in the park, but it is the most important attraction for guests, especially in rainy days, where its beauty increases when the rain descends from above in a unique scene, so that you can take the most beautiful photo of you.

Wadi Namar, Riyadh

Wadi Namar Theater equipped with the latest sound and lighting technology, which allows park visitors to watch the most beautiful live performances, and attend the most important musical concerts, which gives an atmosphere of the destination throughout the place.

Wadi Namar

• Wonderful water tour in Wadi Namar Lake, Riyadh, in an experience that is so beautiful, take a deck and enjoy a journey full of tranquility and relaxation, in the heart of the water, surrounded by a wonderful amount of palm trees in a stunning view.

Wadi Namar in Riyadh

• The pedestrian paths in Wadi Namar that are designed near the water channel and between the trees so that the hikers can practice their sport in a healthy atmosphere and stunning views.

Wadi Namar in Riyadh

• There are also many distinguished events on the land of Wadi Namar Park, which represent a lot for visitors, and the park increases vitality and movement, as the demand for it increases, so it includes exhibitions, parties and many more.

Wadi Namar in Riyadh

• Kiosks along Al-Buhaira Corniche, where you can provide many products of fast food, ice cream, and sweets, in addition to gift kiosks, so you can not miss to go to it and buy what you need.

Wadi Namar in the capital

• The time for a barbecue has come, and it is one of the most important experiences that you can perform in this wonderful open-air park and charming nature. Enjoy with the family a special meal.

Wadi Namar in Riyadh

The best hotels near Wadi Namar Riyadh

Crown Hotel Al Fahd is one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia, 18.5 km from Wadi Namar Park.
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The hotel is rated great by staff, location, cleanliness, comfort, and facilities.
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Rose Garden Hotel Riyadh is one of the best hotels in Riyadh, 18.7 km from Wadi Namar Park.
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The hotel is rated good by staff, comfort, hygiene, facilities, and location.
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Wadi Namar site, Riyadh

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