Information about Chiang Mai Falls , It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand that draws all the viewers, but many people travel long distances in order to enjoy these beautiful and picturesque scenes, just as God Almighty gave us many blessings that we enjoy in life, but we do not know its value most of the time .

Chiang Mai Falls:

One of the most famous waterfalls that we will talk about is the Chiang Mai Waterfall, where these waterfalls are located in:
The city of Chiang Mai is one of the large and well-known cities that are located in northern Thailand and does not overlook the seas. It is considered the largest city in the country that was discovered behind Bangkok, and although that city does not have any seas, this does not reduce its value among other cities.
This is because it is famous for many different tourist places, and which many tourists come to throughout the year, as well as the best waterfalls in the level of the capital of Bangkok, as many people mentioned that Chiang Mai is an island but they made a mistake in this matter.

Where is Chiang Mai located?

As the Chiang Mai Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls you can see in Thailand, and it is considered part of the Dew National Park, it is known that this waterfall has become one of the most important tourist places that we find in Chiang Mai, and we find it in the National Park behind Doi In Tanon In Chom Thong.
Which is located 45 kilometers from the south, and we also find the main source of waterfalls is the mountain, which is one of the largest mountains that we see in Thailand with a height of 8400 feet above sea level.
Also, that place is located near the car park 600 meters away from it after entering it, as the area where it is equipped with all the many facilities and there are bathrooms as well.
It also has a very different location among the trees, forests and distinctive landscapes, and these stunning scenery gave them more beauty and enjoyable viewing, which worked to give them a great place among the tourists and the people who are around them, where some come to it to enjoy the best times.

Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand:

There are in the city of Chiang Mai the best five waterfalls in the world, and also has a very large amount of water bodies, which many people enjoy when looking at them, in those cases it is one of the most tourist places and many visitors come from different Arab countries, All the people who went to visit these waterfalls confirmed that it is one of the greatest and largest waterfalls, and that they had never seen such beauty before.

Tourism in Chiang Mai Falls:

  • You can get some hiking, riverside walks and waterfalls, where the most beautiful moments in the fresh air are enjoyed among the trees.
  • In the late waterfalls, there is a small pool where children can swim and enjoy their special times.
  • Also, this waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls that are found in all countries, and we find many different pictures across locations that were taken by some graphic designers and people who underestimate photography, as this place is one of the best places to be photographed.
  • It has many public facilities, shops, restaurants, and souvenirs shops, where all facilities are located near the bus station, and through this place you can not be bored at all.
  • Despite the large number of public facilities near this waterfall, there are no good hotels that can be stayed for a while, so many people go to the major hotels, which is two hours away from the waterfalls, as this hotel is one of the best hotels in Shanghai .
  • A lot of different gifts can be bought, and there are also shops selling distinctive accessories, and because many tourists assert this but they do not want to go to any other areas for tourism, but this place has become their place, and they can buy all their belongings with ease.

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