The Bosphorus Strait accompanies you on a glorious journey that combines meditation and relaxation, which made it one of the best places in Istanbul, where no visitor who passed through it during tourism holidays in Turkey can only stand in front of the magic of the Bosphorus Strait, which has international and strategic commercial importance, along with the tourist importance Among the residents of Istanbul as a major guest of honor in the background of every landmark that can be visited during the tourism in Istanbul
We take you with us in this article to visit the Bosphorus and tell you about the most important activities that can be done when visiting, in addition to the best hotels nearby.

Hotels with Bosphorus view

The hotels overlooking the Bosphorus Strait are among the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul, providing you with comfort, recreation and more than charming views, so we have compiled for you in a comprehensive guide the best of these hotels .. Read more


Bosphorus trips

The Bosphorus Strait cruises are classified as one of the most beautiful trips in the world because of the interesting experience you will experience while sailing amid a mirage of seagulls and what you will see from the charming Istanbul landmarks .. Read more

Bosphorus Strait

The most important activities that can be taken when visiting the Bosphorus Istanbul

• When going to the culturally and geographically magnificent Istanbul Bosphorus, you must take a trip through it where you can enjoy watching the amazing Istanbul skyline and live the sailing experience between the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia, and this trip will give you opportunities to capture many distinctive pictures that provide a real insight into Turkey’s historical prowess Marine.

Bosphorus Strait

• Then the journey of the Bosphorus Strait Istanbul brings you to the Istanbul Girl Tower standing in Shumukh in the middle of the Bosphorus River, where you can listen to the many myths and stories that revolve around its origins, and its visit will provide you with many wonderful memorial photos.

The Bosphorus Istanbul

• You can also visit the shops and shopping centers located near the Bosphorus Strait Istanbul and take a wonderful shopping tour and buy the most luxurious souvenirs for friends and loved ones.

The Bosphorus

• It also spreads around the Bosphorus Strait Istanbul, the finest restaurants and cafes where you can end your tour and eat delicious Turkish food or hot or cold drinks on the Bosphorus view.

Bosphorus Istanbul

* Continue your enjoyable journey by going to the port of Kabatash, which includes around it the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul, such as Dolmabahce Palace.

Istanbul Bosphorus

Then, head to the Besiktas region to see the ancient palaces and museums, to get acquainted with the history of this imperial city.

Istanbul Bosphorus

Istanbul Bosphorus Strait on map

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