The American kitchen is among the most famous kitchens in the world where American cuisine has become served in most international restaurants, and American cuisine is always associated with fast food but it is one of the most diverse kitchens in the world because it has embraced many kitchens that came with immigrants coming to the United States of America. The American kitchen is characterized by the use of many meats, especially turkey and beef and gazelle in addition to fish, especially in the states that are located on the coasts. It uses wheat, corn, potatoes, squash and other ingredients. The dishes also differ from one region to another according to the geographical and climatic diversity of the country. Here are the best American dishes, including appetizers, main dishes and desserts:


American cuisine is characterized by the large number of appetizers accompanying basic dishes or eaten alone and often served either hot or cold

Buffalo Wings

American eatingBuffalo Wings is one of the best American food. The Buffalo Wings originates from Buffalo, New York, prepared by Tirtza Bellissimo, who ran the Anker Bar Restaurant in 1977, and the dish is chicken wings fried in hot oil, covered with a sauce made of vinegar, hot pepper and spicy pepper, butter, and served hot wings with Cut celery, carrots and blue cheese sauce.


American food
This dish is fried balls prepared from cornmeal dough and dates back to the end of the nineteenth century when the hunters silenced their dogs by giving them balls of fried dough when preparing fish or other fried meals, and hashbis eaten hot with various types of sauces, and is considered one of the most famous American dishes and appetizers Usually served at breakfast.

Deviled Eggs

American foodThese appetizers are considered one of the most famous American food, promising to boil eggs, split them in half, and mix yellow with mayonnaise and mustard sauce, and you can add other ingredients such as thyme, cayenne pepper, tartar sauce, curry powder, and other sauces and other herbs.

Corn dog

American eatingCorn Doug is considered one of the best in American food, as it is loved by big and small and sold in all parts of American cities, especially during baseball and basketball matches. Corn Doug is made by cutting hot dogs that are covered with a mixture of wheat flour dough and fried in hot oil until golden and crunchy.

Main dishes

The American kitchen is considered one of the most diverse and rich kitchens in the world, as it has a good number of main dishes that differ in different regions and states, and these types of meat, poultry and fish are often used in these American dishes, as are spices and spices, as well as vegetables and herbs.

Buttermilk fried chicken

American eatingThis main course is considered one of the most famous American dishes. It was introduced by immigrants from Scotland to the United States of America and developed by African slaves who were working in the cotton fields in the southern states, where they added many spices to the dish. In hot oil until it becomes red, then season and serve hot with hot sauce or other sauces.

Cheese macaroni Macaroni and Cheese

American eatingThe pasta with cheese is one of the main American dishes that everyone loves and prepares to boil the pasta and add the béchamel sauce with a large amount of cheese, especially cheddar and parmesan, and all enter the oven until the cheese becomes browned.


American eatingHamburger is one of the American cuisine that has invaded the world where we have come to see it in most restaurants. It is a sandwich consisting of toasted slices, minced meat slices, cheese slices with vegetables, mayonnaise and ketchup sauce. It is often eaten with french fries and soft drinks. There are many other sandwiches that are just as important as hamburgers, such as salabi, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, and others.

Roasted beef Ribs

American eating

Barbecue art is a culture rooted in American society, where BBQ takes place at the end of the week, around which family and friends gather. Among the most famous grilled American dishes, we find roast ribs that are spiced and grilled, and a delicious barbecue sauce is added to them.

Low Country Boil

American FoodOf the famous American dishes in the south, especially Louisiana, which is a dish of seafood such as shrimps and crabs, as well as corn and potatoes, boiled over a strong fire and add to them the famous cajun spices in the region.

Eggs Benedict

American eatingOne of the most famous American dishes that is served in breakfast and brunch is due to New York City, where it was first served in 1894 at Delmonico’s Restaurant, which is two slices of English muffin sandwich to which bacon slices or smoked salmon slices are added, over which a bochy egg is placed and a sauce is poured over it The Dutches.


American cuisine is famous for its sweets, which vary according to region. Chocolate, caramel, cream, and marshmallows are used in preparing American sweets.

New York Cheesecake

American eatingAlthough the origin of the cheesecake dessert is due to the ancient Greek civilization, it is the most famous type in the world that was developed in New York City. This dessert is prepared using thick cream and sour cream that gives a distinctive and dense texture to the mixture that is poured over biscuits and butter. And you can add vanilla or red fruits to the mixture and then enter the dessert for the oven, and the cheesecake dessert is one of the wonderful American dishes that everyone loves and served in most cafes and restaurants.

Donut donuts

American FoodDonut candy is one of the most famous and best American pastries and is often eaten at breakfast accompanied by a cup of hot coffee. There are many types such as chocolate, cream, caramel and jam and can be filled with different types of fillings. These pastries are distinguished by their hollow shape, which makes them one of the most important American dishes that have spread in the world.


American FoodPancake is one of the famous and kind pancakes in the United States of America and is often served with breakfast. It is pancakes made of flour, sugar, milk, eggs and butter, cooked in a frying pan and eaten hot with butter and maple syrup.
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