The best Arabic restaurants in San Diego

المسافرون العرب

You may want to have a traditional Arabic meal while roaming the streets of San Diego, maybe you do not like this food, or you do not like western cuisine, or seek to eat reliable halal food. Whatever the reason you wish, San Diego would like this for you, as it contains a large number of Arab restaurants Serving delicious dishes.

Here is a tour of the best Arabic restaurants in San Diego

Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro

Kos Kos Morrocan Bistro, one of the best Arabic restaurants in San Diego, serves the most delicious Moroccan dishes in traditional ways. It is distinguished by the Moroccan tagine dishes, which are vegetables and lamb, and by them a delicious Kos Kos dish is served. There is also a delicious fresh fruit cocktail, which gives you a feeling of freshness. The restaurant distinguishes the authentic Moroccan design where the pillows that fill the place and short tables. Prices are average, and special prices are available on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Address: 3940 Fourth Avenue # 110, San DiegoThe best Arabic restaurants in San Diego - The best Arabic restaurants in San DiegoKous Kous Moroccan Bistro Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro Read also: The most beautiful beaches of San Diego

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Alforon oven

An authentic Lebanese restaurant that serves delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients specially brought from Lebanon. The restaurant features delicious bread, which serves you with different layers and dip types such as sesame, hummus, tomato, olive oil, thyme and feta cheese. This is beside a number of delicious dishes such as; spinach pie, feta pie, shish tawook, sausage, shawarma and meat in dough. The place is characterized by friendly staff, and simple decoration that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Address: 5965 El Cajun Balved, San Diego1581205874 307 The best Arabic restaurants in San Diego - The best Arabic restaurants in San DiegoAlforon oven

Aladdin Mediterranean Restaurant

A restaurant specializing in dishes and Middle Eastern dishes, which places it among the best Arab restaurants in San Diego. Its dishes are characterized by fresh ingredients, and delicacies such as fresh salads, delicious kebabs, and pizza that are cooked on wood flames. Also, do not miss the hummus tahini and the shawarma that carries a great flavor. , Next to Baba Ghanouj, and Al Mahashi of all kinds. Prices are medium, and the place is always crowded so it is best to go early, or reserve your place before going. Address: 5420 Claremonte Mesa, San Diego1581205874 538 The best Arabic restaurants in San Diego - The best Arabic restaurants in San DiegoAladdin Mediterranean Restaurant Read also: The best tourist places in San Diego

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Kebab Shop

A restaurant specializing in fast food, whenever you want to eat go, choose your favorite sandwich. It has more than one type to choose from, such as chicken sandwich, meat sandwich, meat mix sandwich, falafel sandwich, chicken kebab sandwich, veal kofta sandwich, salmon sandwich, shrimp sandwich, and grilled vegetable sandwich for vegetarians. Service is friendly, and the sandwich price does not exceed ten Dollars. Address: 303 West Beach Street, San Diego1581205874 699 The best Arabic restaurants in San Diego - The best Arabic restaurants in San DiegoKebab Shop

Sultan Shwrma Shawarma

A restaurant specializing in making various types of shawarma, kebab with seasonings, and different flavors that bring you back to your home country. Sandwiches vary between; veal shawarma, chicken shawarma, veal kebab, cheese steak, shish tawook and falafel. This is next to the chickpea dip and Baba Ghanouj. There is also a variety of salads such as: chicken salad, salad fattoush, and salad special for the restaurant prepared from; olives, cucumbers, green onions, feta and tomato. Address: 543 Fourth Avenue, San Diego1581205874 948 The best Arabic restaurants in San Diego - The best Arabic restaurants in San DiegoSultan Shwrma Shawarma

Hadramout Restaurant

A Yemeni restaurant that offers delicious, delicious Arabic traditional dishes, and a class of the best Arab restaurants in San Diego because of the quality of service and food that makes you feel like you are an Arab country.It includes an integrated menu that varies between; appetizers like tabbouleh and fattoush, along with sandwiches such as falafel, burgers, and dishes The main is a lamb shawarma and veal meat. There is also a family dish consisting of half or a quarter of lamb cooked slowly, spiced with the most delicious flavors served alongside Arabic rice with nuts and assorted vegetables. And do not forget the dessert dish that ends that special table; it is a pie of cream , Cheese, and dates Address: 5841 El Cajon Belved, San D. Lego1581205874 503 The best Arabic restaurants in San Diego - The best Arabic restaurants in San DiegoHadramout Restaurant

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