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London is known as one of the global cities, which managed to preserve its heritage, authenticity, and historical nature despite the architectural and life development that it witnessed in recent decades, which helped to contain a diverse number of places of residence that attract residents and tourists according to their interests and desires in terms of The residential atmosphere they are looking for. Below is an illustration of some of the best residential places in London that cater to all tastes.

Oxford road

Oxford Street is considered one of the most important streets in the city of London and most crowded with people, and it is a suitable place to live in London due to its proximity and direct contact with the rest of the important streets in the city, in addition to it contains a large number of hotels of different style and grades, restaurants and shops spread along the street and in its alleys Which remain open all night, making it a suitable place to live for those who love life at night.

al Arab street

It is considered one of the densely populated places in London, due to the availability of many hotels and apartments at a low cost and cheap than in other areas of London, housing in this region is preferred for those who want a simple life and the low cost of housing rents from university students and expatriates to study, work and other singles, The poet also contains a luxurious and suitable hotel for families, in addition to the spread of restaurants of an Arab and oriental character in large numbers along its extension.

Mayfair, Piccadilly and Park Lane

It is considered one of the finest and most luxurious residential areas in London because it contains a large number of embassies and luxury and high-end hotels, which are dominated by a five-star rating, in addition to the high cost of life in them compared to the neighboring areas in terms of hotel fare, apartments, restaurants, and commercial markets.

Knights Bridge District

This region is considered a suitable place for housing for shopping lovers within the high-end shopping malls, as it contains the largest shopping center in London known as Harduz, and it also provides suitable accommodation for Arabs due to the high number of Arab and Gulf restaurants in it, in addition to the availability of a large number of hotels and apartments at reasonable prices And its proximity to major transportation centers.

Kanzington District

The Kensington area ranks as one of the quietest residential areas in London, which attracts large numbers of people looking for calm and comfort away from the inconvenience and noise of the crowded city, with a number of hotels and very cheap residential rooms available compared to others in other areas of London, in addition to the ease of moving from them And to it towards the other streets of London.

Victoria Westminster area

This area overlooks the huge Bey Bin and Dulwab watch, and is an ideal residence for new grooms and those looking for a romantic and ancient atmosphere in London, away from crowding and disturbance.

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