It is a comprehensive guide to get to know the best areas in Thailand, because Thailand has many of the favorite commercial and tourist areas of its people and any visitor to it, and in this topic I will introduce you to the most important and best areas in it why he did not know it so that he can tour and visit these places, you know The most famous and best place to stay.

Best regions of Thailand:

Chiang Rai:

The city of Chiang Rai is located in the far north of Thailand, and is considered the main commercial center there, as it includes the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Chiang Rai is crowded because it is the trade center, and this city is often used as a base to explore the surrounding area, the city is quiet during the day only, But in the evening, most of the tourists go to it from abroad and every day it is full of trips.

Bay Village:

It is a quiet village in northern Thailand, Pai is now a prosperous city and is part of the Son Hong Mai episode that stretches between Chiang Mai and Mai Hong Son. Pai is a great place for travelers and tourists wanting to explore the area. Pai is located near the foothills of the mountains. Visitor has many areas Around it for excursions and visits, also outside the city there are elephant camps, hot springs and beautiful waterfalls, in addition, the Bay River provides fresh water.

Phanom Rong:

Phanomrong is a Hindu complex considered a distinct structure located near the village of Nang Rong, and was built by the Khmer culture between the tenth and thirteenth centuries influenced by the Hindu deity, built of sandstone and aretite, Phnom Rong was built to represent Kailash Mountain, and the locals celebrate the Phanom Rong Festival in April, with old ceremonies and light audio shows.

Railay Peninsula:

Railay (or Rayleigh) is a small peninsula located in southern Thailand that you can reach by boat only, due to the high limestone slopes that have been cut by road access, these slopes are great for attracting climbers to all parts of the world, but the island is Also attractive to the people of Thailand and visitors due to the beauty of its beaches and its calm atmosphere for relaxation, the peninsula’s land that can be built by resorts and crawling development has been seized, but there are no high-rise buildings, and much of the building is hidden among the trees or is located within landscaped gardens.

Khao Sok National Park:

Khao Sok National Park is the site of many nature reserves, which is a region characterized by the beauty of wildlife in Thailand, which includes forests, limestone karst, rivers and lakes in a wonderful province and paths in southern Thailand, this reserve is home to many wild animals such as elephants, deer, Wild boar, bears, and many species of monkeys have such breeds as Gibbons, the garden is wide and any visitor can easily walk around, photograph stunning waterfalls, and dive into natural swimming pools.


Founded in 1350 and located in the Chao River valley in Thailand, it is located in the middle of an island and around it three, and when this city was declared impressive by three palaces built in it, and about 400 temples, Ayutthaya city is now a major attraction for many of Visitors to Thailand.


Kanchanaburi is located in the western region of Thailand, with beautiful views of gardens and waterfalls, and Kanchanaburi is famous for a bridge located over the Kwai River, outside Kanchanaburi a lot of national parks, which give landscapes for each visitor and also the waterfalls and caves that everyone is happy to see.

Chiang Mai city:

The city of Chiang Mai is thriving with landscapes, as it is the basis and refuge for tourists on all trips. It is a city that has a place of importance for its residents and for every visitor to it. It has many cultures, history and modern technology as well. When you walk and walk around the city, you find many ancient temples, such as Wat Doi Suthep Fratthe.

Thailand Islands:

Thailand is located on its coast, famous for its beautiful beaches. Everyone who goes to this island works on its reputation because of the wonderful pure atmosphere that it enjoys there. There are three groups of islands in the city of Thailand, and Phuket is one of the largest and most beautiful with its scenery and trees. During two bridges, there are many other most beautiful islands in Thailand to choose from and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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