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The cathedral beach

The cathedral beach is located in Spain, in the municipality of Ribadeo, it is also called the beach of the Holy Waters, or the Spanish beach, the beach is characterized by a picturesque view, especially with the presence of natural sea caves and arches that a visitor can see when the tide of the beach is reduced in various sizes and locations, along with The openings and small holes in the rocks and sandy paths between the rocks. The beach offers the possibility to swim for people who want to swim and dive.

Boulders Beach

It is located in South Africa, near Cape Point, the beach is part of Table Mountain National Park, it is one of the beaches that enjoys a diverse wildlife, including: Penguins that have been famous for and lived in since 1982, and the beach now includes more than 3000 birds, it is It is a protected beach that includes entrances located between large granite rocks, in addition to the paths that they use to watch the various birds that live on the beach.

St. Petersburg Beach

The beach is located in the state of Florida, it was named St. Pete Beach since 1994 AD, in order to be distinguished from the city of Saint Petersburg, it is one of the important tourist beaches in the world, the beach is characterized by white sand and fresh water, and the presence of the world-famous resort Don CeSar, which is considered A museum and a shopping complex. The beach offers a range of services for its visitors, including large parking lots, and places for resting for tourists on the beach.

Ninety Mile Beach

It is located in the state of Victoria in Australia, and is considered the second longest beach in the world, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; it is distinguished by its beautiful golden pure sand and beautiful nature, the beach also includes a group of recreational activities that it offers to its visitors, including: snorkelling, beach camping, skiing On the water, surfing and others that suit all ages, the beach is home to a wide range of marine marine creatures including fish, worms, sharks, sea urchins, morong, and there is a group of unique coral reefs only found in this beach.

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