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You can see the best Bursa hotels through this article, which is located in northwestern Turkey, which is located between the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, and its population reaches more than a million people today.
And that city is multi-titles, where the most prominent of them was “Khadawandkar” during the rule of the Ottomans, but because it contains vast picturesque green spaces present in the gardens called “Green Bursa”, which is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey.
But visiting any tourist place requires for several days, it requires staying in hotels that provide high-level services to guests for their comfort, and through Arab travelers you will be able to know the most prominent of them in the city of Bursa.

Best Bursa hotels

1. Almira Hotel Thermal Spa & Convention

  • This hotel is located in the city center, it is five stars, and one of the best hotels in Bursa.
  • The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool in addition to a health center to ensure the comfort and relaxation of the guests, and it also has restaurants that enable guests to enjoy a good meal by the pool.
  • The rooms are air-conditioned in addition to their elegance in the furniture, in addition to a minibar and a TV, along with free Wi-Fi.
  • This hotel is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to spend a honeymoon in Bursa.
  • You can view hotel photos inside and book online at the booking website.

2. Hilton Hotel

  • Five-star hotel located 4 km from the city center.
  • The hotel also includes a wellness center next to a conference center, plus free parking.
  • The hotel features views of the scenic mountain peaks in the vicinity of the hotel, and the rooms have free Wi-Fi.
  • Among the advantages of the hotel is that it has a sports center equipped with the latest equipment, and it has restaurants that enable guests to enjoy eating delicious international cuisine.
  • The hotel also includes an outdoor pool, as well as the large marble bathrooms.
  • Due to the high quality of this hotel, it has won a number of awards.
  • Through the booking website, you can view the place photos and know the room rates in addition to the electronic reservation.

3. Divan Bursa Hotel

  • The hotel has free parking, along with an outdoor pool and spa.
  • The hotel is distinguished for its high-class rooms, as it includes high-class décor.
  • The hotel also features free Wi-Fi, as well as a sports center.
  • The hotel offers its guests a variety of delicious food, whether traditional Turkish or international.
  • The hotel rooms also feature elegant bathrooms, located separately from the room through a glass door.
  • If you want to know the visitor ratings for this place, as well as see the hotel photos, prices and reservation, this is through the booking site.

4. Crowne Plaza

  • The hotel is located in Nilufer, Bursa, and includes free parking, as well as free and fast Wi-Fi.
  • The hotel features a conference center in addition to a health center that includes an outdoor and indoor pool.
  • The hotel has elegant, spacious and air-conditioned rooms, each with a TV.
  • If you want to see the interior photos of the hotel and know the hotel prices beside the reservation, this is through the booking website.

5. Baia Bursa Hotel

  • The hotel is located 1 km from the Bursa industrial area, as well as it has free parking.
  • Among the advantages of the hotel is that it contains elegant rooms with high-quality wooden furniture, in addition to a small refrigerator that includes various types of drinks.
  • The hotel offers guests the finest dishes, whether Turkish or international.
  • The hotel includes a wellness center with sauna rooms, as well as a gymnasium.
  • Through the booking website, you can check room rates along with hotel interior and reservation photos as well.

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