The best cinema places in new Dubai

المسافرون العرب

Dear reader, we present to you the guide to cinema locations in Dubai, through our article today from Arab travelers, as this city has been able to attract attention during the recent times, and it has become a great tourist destination visited by thousands of citizens annually, and it has become the fourth in the number of visitors to it.
There are many projects that have been implemented within the city of Dubai, and have made them of great importance, the most important thing that distinguishes them are the skyscrapers and huge high-rise buildings, there is no one in the world does not know the Burj Khalifa who is in Dubai, and is considered the most tallest tower in the world .
And the charming city of Dubai did not forget to create the largest parks, gardens and amusement parks that impress you as soon as you go to it, and there are also many entertainment services and shopping places that are distinguished by it. If you are visiting Dubai, and you want to enter one of the movies, whether 3D, or an Arabic movie , Or a foreigner, or an Indian; in order to enjoy watching it in one of the cinemas and not knowing exactly where to go, you should follow the following lines.

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The best cinema locations in Dubai

cinema uae

It has most cinemas in which Arabic, foreign, Hindi, and animation films are shown.
You can view the dates of the concerts and everything related to films, genres and reservations through the following link.
If you want to know the address of each cinema, enter on the website. On the right of the page you will find the cinemas, and the address next to them.
For more information, you can contact them via the phone +97144491903.
You can also email them [email protected]

Fox Cinema

The latest local, Arab, and international films are presented with the latest technologies and modern technology and receive the audience from ten in the morning until one in the evening.
You can view all the details of this cinema, the available films, their locations and branches by logging onto the website via this link.
You are allowed to download their application to the Android system via this link
As for the iOS system, you can download the application from this link.

reel cinemas

There are a lot of movies of all kinds, and you can go to one of the three branches of them, including the Dubai Marina Mall, and another in the Dubai Mall.
You can also view all movies and party dates by visiting their website via this link.

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Roxy Cinemas

It offers a lot of films, whether Arabic or international, and the duration of each movie, as you can provide online reservation service for any movie you want to enter the cinema.
You can view all information related to this cinema, its various branches, and reservations by logging onto its website via this link.
You can also contact them by phone through the number 8007699
And if you are on Android, you can download their application via this link.
If you are on iOS, you can download the application from this link.

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Cinema Reel

It includes the largest movie theaters, and is equipped with the best comfortable chairs. It has a branch in The Dubai Mall that contains more than 22 galleries, equipped with the latest technology and technologies.
As for its branch in Dubai Marina Mall, it includes the business category, and this branch provides dining service while watching the movie.
In addition to the presence of another branch in Jebel Ali.
Tickets range from 36 to 160 AED depending on the seat, if VIP, and basic.

Other movie names

  • Cinema City
  • Aqeel Cinema
  • Dolby Cinema
  • Novo cinema
  • Dubai movie.
  • In addition to the presence of outdoor theaters.
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