The best cities in the world

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the cities

They are urban settlements that have a population density, and they are also part of the states. The cities are divided into tourist, industrial, residential and commercial places. It is worth noting that each city has its own features that distinguish it from other cities, and cities are characterized by their social functions such as: administration, religion, Recreation and defense, as well as economic jobs such as industry, trade, services and production as well, and these things all made some cities a favorite for housing and others a favorite for tourism.

The best cities in the world

The best cities for housing

  • Australian city of Melbourne.
  • Vienna, Austria, ranked second in the Military Intelligence Referendum.
  • Canadian city of Vancouver, ranked third in the list of living.
  • Canadian Toronto.
  • Adelaide Australian city, and this city is characterized by its large number of vineyards, as well as many parks, and attractive beaches.
  • Canadian city of Calgary.

The best tourist cities

  • Bangkok: where it ranked first as the best tourist city for three years in a row, and it is distinguished by its presence in many places painted in golden color, and these places are located next to the skyscrapers, as well as many of the food that is characterized by its hot and sweet taste, and this food is available in high-rise places as well as in The streets, and the prices of goods are cheap and accessible to all.
  • Florence and called it the city of the Renaissance, which is one of the cities of Italy, and this city includes many restaurants, new art galleries, as well as museums that contain many artworks of Michelangelo, squares, and libraries, and its transportation is improved and distinctive and facilitates access to rural places.

* Istanbul: It is distinguished by its strategic location between the continents of Asia and Europe, and this city includes a large number of luxury resorts and modern tourist hotels, as it is one of the best cities in which to film.

  • Sydney: It is characterized by retaining many distinctive and famous tourist attractions, and displaying many beautiful recreational activities, as well as the smoothness of the sands of its beaches.
  • New York: It includes many museums, such as Stern, which displays African arts, as well as the Mile Hotel, and it contains many hotels and skyscrapers, and the number of tourists is estimated at fifty million tourists.
  • Hong Kong includes many temples, elegant skyscrapers, as well as the shop, and it provides its tourists with the freedom to move between their places easily and without any trouble.
  • Paris, also called the city of light and the capital of beauty, has the advantage of including the Seine River, which provides visitors with romantic parts, as it includes many elegant shops and luxurious exhibitions, and also provides visitors with distinctive baguette, and delicious drinks.

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