The best cities of Germany for family tourism

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Learn about the best cities in Germany for family tourism, as Germany is one of the safest and most upscale countries ever and it is characterized by a great diversity of culture and geography, allowing you an unforgettable tourism experience.
In Germany, there are all elements of tourism for families, with great entertainment, parks and parks, and we will talk about the best cities suitable for families and the most important archeological sites on the site of Arab travelers.

Best cities in Germany for family tourism:


Berlin is the capital of Germany, and you cannot visit Germany without enjoying the beauty of the capital as it is one of the most important cultural and tourist centers in the town, and there are many archaeological sites and leisure activities suitable for families.

Things to do in Berlin:

  • You can visit the Charlottenburg Palace, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and which dates back to the Middle Ages and is famous for the multiplicity of the artifacts in it and the splendor of the garden, which surrounds it very poetic.
  • The Brandenburg Gate is one of the symbols that refer to Germany and was established in 1788 to be one of the oldest monuments in Berlin. You can visit it with the family to learn more about the history of Germany, the largest economic country today
  • The Victory Column is one of the symbols of the capital. It was created in 1873 as a kind of celebration of the victory that Germany achieved in its war with the French state. The monument is very impressive and you can take the most beautiful pictures of souvenirs next to it or visit the famous German restaurants located near it
  • The Berlin TV Tower is famous for its splendor and architecture, which is why it is one of the most important attractions for tourists in the city.
  • You can visit the Berlin museums to learn more about the history of the city, and it is preferred that a tourist accompanies you to learn a lot and a lot about the magnificence and history of the country. You can start your journey in the history of Germany by visiting the Pergamon Museum, which includes a unique collection of antiques from the Babylonian and Syrian civilizations.


The best destination for families if you want to buy a lot of international clothes at reasonable prices in addition to different needs and souvenirs, it is one of the cities in Germany famous for its excellent shops and unique fashion shows that it always offers.
Kings Street is one of the most famous places to buy international needs and fashion in Germany as it contains the most important and best brands with international brands in the country in addition to the best hotels in Germany.
You can visit Graven Berger Wade Park, which is a vast place that contains a lot of forests suitable for camping with families among the cute wild animals like very beautiful deer and there are places for walking for young children with many services that the place provides for families for an unforgettable picnic.

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Stuttgart city:

The city is located in the southwest of the country amid many beautiful natural hills. It is famous in the manufacture of electrical tools and the development of technology, and is one of the largest cities that manufacture cars in Germany. It also includes many museums of technology and development and museums for international car companies, such as the Museum of Mercedes, which includes various cars that Produced by the company, which makes it all of the most important tourist attractions in the city.

Things to do in Stuttgart:

  • Do not hesitate to visit the new palace that is in the city for what is known about it from the splendor of the architecture prepared on the dazzling Baroque styles, and in the past the palace was used as the seat of the royal family and there are around it many places to wander among the beautiful flowering flowers and attractive water fountains to take a rest in this idyllic place .
  • The art museum is one of the most famous museums in Germany and is uniquely designed in the form of a cube, and is one of the most beautiful places to take memorial photos with many wonderful artifacts and works found in the museum.
  • Lake Max et Sea is the best place to rest with the family away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and it is one of the artificial lakes that was built on the Neckar River and contains many rare birds, such as diving birds and pelicans loved by young children.
  • A visit to a park that includes a huge number of animals in addition to many rare plants will bring a lot of pleasure to the heart of your children. There are places to eat and drink your favorite drink if you feel tired.
  • Porsche Museum is one of the most beautiful places in the city that you have to visit if you want to dazzle your young children. The museum is designed with the same idea as the Mercedes Museum and occupies a large area to display Porsche cars, the garden and the old and a lot of rare types, and it comes to him from everywhere, car lovers, and lovers of the famous Porsche brand .


It is one of the largest cities in the country and most attractive to families thanks to the many entertainment and shopping centers in it, it combines modernity and the beauty of dazzling nature, and is provided with the excellent needs of tourists and comfortable hotels.

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Things to do in Munich:

  • Do not miss the visit of St. Peter’s Church, which reveals the splendor of Christian history, its multiple symbols and ingenuity in architecture.
  • The German Museum is one of the most suitable destinations for families, as it includes many models of technology and science in the city. In the museum you will find complete models and models of huge planes and machines, in addition to a full explanation of each of them. If your children are a fan of technology, it will be a very fruitful visit for them.
  • The English Garden is one of the best places in Munich to spend a pleasant time with family, amid beautiful greenery and dense trees.
  • And of course all kids love to visit the zoo, you will find the Hilibron Zoo which includes a large number of famous children’s favorite animals such as lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes. And if you feel hungry, you will find many restaurants, which are considered excellent international dishes, in excellent quality.


The city is located in the valley of the Neckar River, and one of its most famous landmarks is the huge castle that was built in the Renaissance period. You can visit it in order to enjoy the magnificence of the green nature, which will surely capture your hearts. The castle is surrounded by green trees and natural flats from each side in a very picturesque way.
The old bridge is one of the city’s most important tourist attractions and vital places as well, as it connects the ancient part with the modern part of the city, and contains many archaeological sculptures and ancient statues that have a long history as a monkey statue. It is considered one of the most important monuments remaining to bear witness to the ancient history of the city, and it is considered the most suitable place to take memorial photos with a background of trees and picturesque green spaces in order not to forget the beauty and sweetness of the place.

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It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Germany and it is located on the country’s borders with the state of Austria, and it has a wonderful climate, suitable for skiing in the winter, when snow covers the mountains as well as greenery among the canals and waterfalls in the summer months.


One of the most welcoming cities for tourists, especially the Arabs in Germany, it contains many unique monuments, among them the famous Lake Mömelsee and places for hiking in the greenery of the nerves.

Things to do in Baden-Baden:

  • You can visit Berg-Hahnbaden Castle, which is located at a distance of 3 km from the middle of the city, which is located on top of a high mountain, giving you the opportunity to see the entire city in a charming and wonderful way. It is one of the oldest surviving monuments in this region.
  • The flower garden contains a huge number of rare colorful flowers and sparkling water fountains, and your children will love to stroll in this pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
  • The Faberge Museum is one of the most important museums in the city, as it includes more than 700 pieces, each of which has an ancient history. The museum was built in the year 1960 AD and many developments have taken place throughout the ages until today it is one of the most famous museums around the world and is visited by tourists from everywhere.
  • The Baden-Baden theater is very impressive, similar to the intensity of its beauty, the French antique theaters, which makes it an excellent destination for the beauty of its performances, in addition to the flowers that surround it from each side in a unique poetic atmosphere. It is best to attend nightly shows for an unforgettable experience.
  • You can ride the Morckerbahn cable car if you feel bored for an exciting and exciting experience, it allows you to see the city with amazing panoramic views. You and your family will surely fall in love with this charming city.


It is one of the most places that families accept to visit in Germany because it contains a large number of lakes to take a cruise in a wonderful atmosphere or to visit its beautiful parks and spend quality time with the family in addition to the intensity of the beauty of the lakes located in it, and one of the most famous landmarks is the Red Lantern neighborhood.


It is considered for the sake of the cities in Germany and it is famous for its intense beauty, which makes it the best place to calm the nerves and spend a vacation away from the busy, bustling cities.

Cologne City:

The city combines the splendor of the past and the beauty of the present by embodying the most beautiful ancient buildings next to modern buildings, and it is famous for the large Cologne Cathedral dating back to the ancient Romen eras and is one of the tallest Christian monuments around the world.

Frankfurt city:

The city is located on the bank of the River Main, which is one of the branches of the Rhine River, the most famous river in Germany, and it contains many ancient monuments within the old city, so do not hesitate to visit it.

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