The best cities of Malaysia

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Cities of Malaysia

Different cities of Malaysia are distinguished by their distinguished environment, multi-cultures, races and religions, including of Malaysian, Indian and Chinese origins, in addition to many other races coexisting with each other in all familiarity and peace, in addition to its distinguished advanced and modern civilization combined with its traditional folk civilization , Away from the spatial or cultural separations between them. Below is a list of the best and most important cities in Malaysia.

The best cities of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur city

Kuala Lumpur offers a diverse mix of cultures and customs, which provide its visitors and residents with a lot of fun, adventure and attraction, and it also contains many natural green areas that attract the attention of its viewers, and a visitor to this city can notice the spread of restaurants of different flavors, including including Asian, European, Eastern and Middle Eastern, This is due to the multiplicity of different cultures and customs of the races that inhabit it, which blend with each other to present a diverse civilization unique in this city.

The city of Melka

Life in the city of Malka varies between the traditional and the modern, as its traditional areas are known for their old monolithic buildings and branched streets that contain many archaeological and historical buildings in various angles, which contains many identifying signs that indicate visitors to the various archaeological areas in them to facilitate access to them, As for the modern section of it, it is represented in huge complexes and diversified markets, with its restaurants and entertainment centers, in addition to the many beaches spread there.

Penang City

The city is located on one of the islands belonging to Malaysia, which is classified as the most visited Malaysian island by tourists, because it contains a picturesque nature filled with coconut trees and its picturesque beautiful beaches, and the most famous areas of the city is the Batu Frangi, which contains many restaurants and international hotels.

The city of Selangor

Selangor is classified as the most industrial and commercial city in Malaysia. It is also the richest and economically rich Malaysian city, as it contains a large number of tourist facilities, recreational areas, hotels and huge resorts.

The city of Klintan

Or as it is known as Dar Al Naeem, Kalantan is located in the north of Malaysia on its border with Thailand, where the Thai character dominates the city in terms of customs, traditions and flavors of food, as a result of being subjected to Thai rule for a period of time.

The city of Sarawak

The city of Sarawak is distinguished by its intangible virginity nature, which forms vast areas of its virgin forests and its beaches that stretch across its populous islands, which can enjoy a long stroll on its pleasant green beaches, in an atmosphere full of calm and relaxation away from all sources of noise.


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