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Vienna is the best city in the world

Beautiful cities are spread around the world, but the competition between them for the title most suitable for life continues to obtain more fame and attract more tourists and new investment opportunities. The culture of each city, the quality of health care, housing and transportation prices.

The city of Vienna

basic information

It is the capital and largest city in Austria, and it occupies tenth place in terms of population within the European Union with a total population approaching two million people, and in addition to the cultural characteristic of Vienna excluding the rest of the world, it is considered an environmentally friendly city to occupy green areas more than half the area Capital.

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The city is located in a plain area between the Alps and the Carpathians, near a mountain pass that made the city a central area of ​​the main transport routes naturally in Austria, and this made the city spanning four hundred and fifteen square kilometers one of the most climbing cities in terms of economic growth.

Life in Vienna

Vienna is the first industrial center in Austria, and on the outskirts of the city and outside there are many factories that produce medicines, electrical devices and chemicals, in addition to textiles and leather products, while inside the city it can be easily moved for both visitors and residents, due to the presence of an excellent public transportation system that includes trains Pending, metro, buses, and tram lines. Due to the quality and flexibility of the transportation network, citizens often prefer to use it over private cars.
The dominant language in Vienna is German, with other languages ​​used by nationalities among them, such as the Czechs and Hungarians, and the mixing of nationalities and cultures in Vienna is reflected in the types of food in the city, and one of the manifestations of daily life in Vienna is to go to pie shops and coffee in the morning to get breakfast, and I have moved Culture of drinking coffee to Austria through the Turks, and cafes in Vienna have become one of the distinct cultural phenomena, so that the number of coffee shops in the city has become more than eight hundred.

The most important landmarks of Vienna

Visitors to the city can wander around all over the country without getting bored, but the most prominent area of ​​Vienna is the old city center, and it is considered the geographical and historical center of the city, it contains many historical buildings that witnessed many important events over time, and is surrounded by modern shopping places, in addition to The Vienna-based Conference and International Institutions Center.


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