Guide to the best compounds in Cairo and shopping centers is recommended to visit, as shopping is one of the essentials that people need greatly in their various classes and classes, whether it is shopping for supply and demand or for fun, for each person has his stories different from others especially for women, therefore In this article we will present a number of the best Cairo complexes and the most important shopping centers in them.

The best compounds of Cairo:

City Stars Mall:

It is considered one of the largest malls in the Middle East, this mall was opened in 2004 on Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street in Nasr City in Cairo, and it is considered one of the largest commercial malls in Egypt and contains five floors, and there are also a number of buildings that follow it There are more than three five-star hotels and 250 apartments. In this mall there is a cinema that includes more than 15 cinemas, in addition to the presence of VIP cinema, and there is also a children’s entertainment city and a number of international cafes and restaurants.
It also has many shops and international agencies for perfumes, clothes, sunglasses, watches, etc., as it has everything you need from marketing purposes, including clothing, cafes, electronics, household appliances, etc., and the number of shops located in City Stars is about 550 stores. In addition to the general shape of this mall, whether from the inside or outside, as it is considered an architectural masterpiece, it is also characterized by safety, because of the presence of many strong guards from the security forces that are committed to securing the presence of shoppers inside the mall.

Talaat Harb Mall:

This mall is considered one of the best modern malls located in the city of Cairo, and this mall is famous for having all the purposes of shopping, this mall is located on Talaat Harb Street, in the downtown area, so it was called by this name, and this property is owned by the National Bank of Egypt, and this is famous for The mall has many famous restaurants and is also famous for selling clothes, and the nearest metro station for this mall is Sadat Metro Station, this mall consists of five floors next to the ground floor.

Ramses Hilton Mall:

This mall provides its visitors with a great possibility to shop from local commodities. The mall includes a number of stores that specialize in selling informal clothes and shops selling jewelry, household appliances, shoes and other goods. Besides this, it has a billiard hall and cinema. This mall is located in Abdel Moneim Riad In the center of Cairo, it is considered one of the most important malls in Cairo.

Arab mall :

The huge Mall of Arabia is located in Cairo in the city of October 6, located exactly at Juhayna Square, this mall was opened in 2010 in the form of only one floor but it extends over a very large area, Mall of Arabia is distinguished by its elegance, luxury and simplicity of its design, as soon as you enter the mall there is the largest dancing fountain In Egypt, there is also a cinema with 13 showrooms, as well as many international stores, restaurants and many cafes, in addition to the availability of a number of places for children, and this mall is the first competitor to City Stars.

Carrefour Maadi:

There is no doubt that everyone knows Carrefour and knows its great value in every place where this mall is located. Carrefour Maadi is one of the distinctive shopping places in Cairo, especially with family and home supplies such as electrical appliances and a supermarket, and it has a number of ATM machines, in addition to the presence of A children’s playroom, Carrefour Maadi is located on the ring road between the airport and the penitentiary.

Genena Mall:

Genena Mall was opened in 1999 in Cairo in Nasr City on Al Batrawi Street, which is branching from Abbas El Akkad Street. This mall consists of five floors, and there is a cinema and there are more than ten restaurants in addition to the presence of many cafes, in addition to that it has a hall Great for skiing, as for the number of shops there are three hundred local and international shops.

Downtown Mall:

The Downtown Mall complex is located in Katameya, and it has been opened recently, and this mall is characterized by being open, containing a number of the most famous international brands in all fields, as it contains many shops and contains a number of international cafes and restaurants, and it is distinguished that it has a dancing fountain In the mall outside the mall and is considered one of the most beautiful markets in Cairo.

Maadi City Center Complex:

It is considered one of the largest and most modern shopping complexes in Cairo, as it has a number of high-end shops that specialize in the sale of accessories, clothes, shoes and the sale of food resources, as well as shops for the sale of home furniture, as well as a number of cafes, restaurants and a cinema, and the complex also includes a large hypermarket, There is a neighborhood of Maadi in Cairo.

Sun City Mall:

It is considered one of the largest malls in Cairo and one of the most important modern complexes in it, where there are many famous local brands and many international brands, and contains a huge number of shops in addition to a number of cafes and international restaurants, a cinema and many recreational places.

First Mall:

This complex is located in Giza, and the First Mall is one of the largest malls in Cairo, and the complex consists of a number of floors and includes a large number of shops that include the most famous international brands of accessories, fashion and perfumes as well as electronics, in addition to the presence of a number of high-end cafes and many Restaurants.

Tiba Mall:

This mall was established in 2011, and there are 75 Nasr Road in Nasr City. The mall includes about 30 commercial stores and a 2866,000 games hall. It is considered the first mall that exists in Egypt. What distinguishes this mall is the presence of a number of distinct cinema halls, in addition to international certificates that It was the beginning of her entry to Nasr through this mall.

Cairo Festival City:

It is considered one of the most famous malls in the Fifth Avenue area, and it is a huge commercial complex located on the first ninety Street in the Fifth Compound, and it contains many entertainment services and international brands, such as Carrefour, Toyota, IKEA and KidZania, and one of the most famous landmarks in this complex is the dancing fountain. And there is a large afforestation area, this mall has been built on a huge area up to, and there are a number of external parking spaces designated for cars in addition to a number of floors for indoor parking, in addition to that in the mall there are the largest international brands such as Zara, Lasenza, Crocs, H&M Watch Rles & Keith.

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