The best countries in Europe for tourism

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The number of tourists who visited France in 2014 was estimated at 83.7 million, as France is distinguished by the presence of nearly 41 UNESCO heritage sites that have been preserved to protect its cultural, religious and natural heritage, as well as the presence of palaces, towns, canals, cathedrals and churches throughout France, which Popular tourist destinations, in addition to the mountain ranges in France are an excellent destination for skiing, in addition to the presence of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Disneyland in France, which are considered one of the most popular destinations, and with the presence of the extensive rail network, transportation has become throughout France. easier Speed.


The number of tourists in Spain in the year 2014 reached approximately 65 million visitors, as Spain is home to palaces, cities, islands, beaches and festivals that are considered one of the best destinations in Europe, and ancient architecture has been preserved, especially those that have existed since the period of the Roman occupation of Spain, such as the Alhambra Palace, And Mezquita from Cordoba and Sagrada Familia, Ibiza also attracts tourists who prefer to go to night clubs and restaurants, Spain also features its culture that is shown and celebrated through festivals, flamenco dancing, attractive and colorful parties, as is the most visited national park in In Spain, the island of Tenerife, and hotels in Spain offers excellent accommodation and traditional cuisine for tourists.


The number of visitors annually to Poland is approximately 13,350,000 visitors, as it is one of the countries with diverse cultures, as Poland is distinguished by its beaches in the north, the mountains in the south, and its beautiful countryside, in addition to its distinctive food and wonderful towns, and the Krakow Promenade is one of the most attractive tourist centers for tourists There are also many UNESCO World Heritage sites that are worth a visit, as well as Poland is characterized by the ability to spend time in the open air, where hiking can be done in summer, and wonderful skiing in the winter.

United kingdom

The number of visitors to the United Kingdom reaches approximately 29,306,000 visitors annually, as British tradition attracts visitors, and although prices in England are still very expensive, there is an abundance of things to do for free, including visiting the British Grand Museum and the National Museum, Helping to balance budgets, and the city of London is an important tourist destination for many tourists, in addition to distinguished England with delicious cuisine and castles.


Romania is characterized by its capital, Bucharest, which is a dynamic modern city with a very exciting history, for this it is called the title “Little Paris”, where this city is distinguished by the fact that it played a real role in the early twentieth century, in the rise of modern cafes and streets, modern and historical architecture, and is considered a palace Parliament is one of the most prominent features of this city, in addition to the prominent landmarks of the Roman ruins, University of Bucharest and the National History Museum.


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