The best country for honeymoon is recommended to visit

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Here is the best honeymoon country with wonderful romantic places. The honeymoon is the beautiful beginning of married life, and one of the basics of celebrating marriage. The first thing we think about is traveling to a new, distinct place to spend the honeymoon in order to leave a pleasant and beautiful imprint in the life of the next couple.
This place is chosen according to certain criteria that vary from person to person, but the most important ones are: the financial value, weather, distance and interior places that they will visit during their trip.
Let’s get to know through Arab travelers the best places to spend a special, romantic, and interesting honeymoon that the couple will not forget throughout their lives.

The best country for honeymoon

Europe is characterized by the presence of many tourist places, and its magnificence, as there are areas for recreational tourism, beach tourism, and historical tourism, and its region where the grooms enjoy a beautiful time, sophistication and fun.
Here are the most important places to choose among them what suits you best:

First: the most beautiful places of tourism in Austria

The country of Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, as it has many stunning scenery and giant architectural places.

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  • Schonbrunn Palace: It is distinguished as a summer resort that loves to go in the summer. It is located in Vienna, and it contains a large number of cultural and archaeological monuments; tourists come to it from all countries of the world.
  • Hallstatt:A wonderful tourist place, and its beauty and splendor lie in the Hallstatt lake that is there.
  • Saint Anton: A distinctive tourist resort in Austria is worth a visit to enjoy skiing and sightseeing as it is characterized by the presence of some heights that give it beauty.
  • Salzburg castle: It is one of the most prominent landmarks of Austria, the most ancient and most luxurious castles.

Second: the most beautiful places of tourism in France

France is one of the most beautiful parts of the earth, because it contains places of great sophistication and beauty

  • considered as Nice city : One of the most beautiful cities in France, where it is characterized by the presence of beaches and its hotels enjoying a natural and distinctive view of the sea, as it contains a large number of museums and historical monuments.
  • Also one of the most interesting places in France is The city of Marseille : Which represents a jewel in the Mediterranean coast. If you want to visit France, you cannot leave it before visiting this wonderful city to discover the magic of nature and enjoy its buildings, palaces and ancient museums.
  • Prepare Lyon: One of the most important factors attracting tourists to France, as it includes many parks and gardens, as well as international shopping centers and museums of fine arts.

Third: the most beautiful places of tourism in Spain

  • Madrid: The most important and most beautiful cities of Spain, as it is the capital, with most of the tourist attractions, especially historical, as it is famous for its distinctive restaurants.
  • Barcelona : The old town is popular with its features and shops distinguished by a mixture of antiquity and sophistication.

Fourth: The most beautiful places of tourism in Egypt

Sharm El-Shaikh, Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt and attracts all tourists to visit it as it combines wild and water pleasure and contains hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and many tourist attractions. Among these places:

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  • Ne’ema bay.
  • Ras Mohamed Reserve.
  • Sharm El Sheikh International Museum.
  • Tiran and Sanafir Islands.
  • In addition to the religious monuments in it.

Hurghada, Represents the capital of the Red Sea, characterized by the presence of coral reefs on its coasts, which makes visitors enjoy watching it through submarine rides, diving trips, whose waters are characterized by serenity, purity, and calm waves, and we now show the most important features:

  • Sahl Hasheesh.
  • El Gouna.
  • Shadwan Island.
  • Wadi Hammamet.
  • Islamic and Coptic features.

Finally, whatever your destination, Arab travelers wish you a pleasant holiday.

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