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The honeymoon is the first period that a new wedding or married couple spends, and it is in any place that the two choose together, and it is often the period and place where the couple celebrates their connection and entry to the golden cage, and is chosen depending on several different things such as cost, weather, and romantic places In it, and other things. The honeymoon must be well planned so that it is one of the most memorable days in a couple’s future life.

How to choose a place to spend honeymoon

To choose a suitable place, there are many things to consider, including:

  • Choosing the preferred location for both spouses: All people have plans and dreams about where they will go on their honeymoon, so it is good for both spouses to talk about this Arab traveler and choose the place that represents their dream and desire.
  • Budgeting: The spouses must determine the amount they can spend in the event they go to the honeymoon. The first period of marriage may be materially difficult because of all the expenses that were spent on the home and the wedding party, so it is good to save an amount of money to be specific to the honeymoon period, and calculate The total cost is.
  • The period that the couple will spend on their honeymoon: There are many things that control this matter. For example, there are the financial costs that increase as the time period increases, and there is also a period of leave from work for both spouses. Some jobs make it necessary for a person to return to work with a short period, Therefore these matters must be taken into consideration.
  • The period during which the spouses want to go to the honeymoon: the season may not be suitable for going due to the weather, for example, so some husbands resort to postpone their honeymoon until the weather changes and they are able to go to their favorite place.

The best country for honeymoon

There are many different and suitable countries for the honeymoon period, and the spouses only have to choose the most appropriate one according to their circumstances and desires, and from these places:

  • Bora Bora IslandIt is one of the most charming and romantic places at all. It is distinguished by its privacy and the atmosphere prepared especially for couples and lovers, and it is characterized by the pure and crystal beach that is unparalleled in other countries, in addition to its picturesque nature. Best equipment.
  • Bali (Indonesia): And many people call it the paradise of the earth, because of its picturesque and wonderful nature, and this makes it the destination for many people to spend romantic and enjoyable times with their loved ones, and the spouses can spend time either alone in nature, or plan to go on a boat trip around the city, and go to get to know the famous landmarks in it Like temples that fog
  • Paris France): It is a city of love and romance, and its name is associated with delicious food, singing and quiet music in addition to art, which makes it the best destination for lovers and married couples, and the couple can stay in a luxury Paris hotel, or in one of the archaeological and popular lanes to get to know the region better and with a different perspective.
  • Venice, Italy)This city is distinguished by its archaeological and charming nature, which makes a person fall in love with it from the first visit, so many couples consider it the best areas for spending their honeymoon; As large as other regions and states, which makes it the most suitable destination for many.
  • Turkey: Turkey is considered the best place to spend honeymoon for Arab couples, due to its proximity to the majority of Arab countries, and the low costs of staying in it, in addition to its various features such as beautiful weather, picturesque nature, and its friendly people.

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