How to get a great summer vacation at the lowest cost? What is the best country for travel and tourism for those with economic budgets? Learn about the Arab travelers website about many secrets that will help you choose your next tourist destination.

Best country for cheap travel and tourism:

When it comes to visiting a tourist country, some think that he has to spend huge sums to travel and enjoy his time, it is not always the case as there are many places that can be visited without spending a lot of money and enjoying at the same time.
Below we show you the best tourist destinations, which are far from crowding and perfectly suitable for families and young people, according to the study of the costs of accommodation, travel, eating and various activities in each country.


  • Romenia is a favorite destination for many people with simple budgets, and it contains many ancient buildings, international museums, and fabulous markets, which makes it truly special, low costs of accommodation and transportation compared to the rest of Europe.
  • Romenia is one of the best tourist countries in the summer, as it is a very beautiful and refreshing atmosphere. You can go to the famous resorts of Sinaia where you can visit the Bellich Palace, which embodies ancient Romen myths.


  • One of the favorite countries for fans of dazzling coastlines and lush green islands and trees, you can really do anything in the Philippines at very cheap prices.
  • You can visit the Manila markets and the cities of the modern Metro Manila, where life is as crowded and huge as any modern European city.
  • As for housing in the Philippines, you can go to Davao hotels, where you will find very suitable prices in the islands of Mindanao, and if you are a fan of tranquility or movement and vitality you will find the appropriate islands to spend an unforgettable vacation from the many tourists and few tourists.


  • In the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi you will enjoy an unforgettable vacation, hotel prices in Hanum are very low, most of which are located in the Hoan Kiem Lake area, and transportation costs from one place to another are few if you use motorcycles.
  • You will enjoy eating Vietnamese food at very simple prices in restaurants, and you can visit the city’s markets if you love shopping tourism.
  • Vietnam is one of the countries rich in the constituents of world-class tourism. Wherever you go, you will find archaeological cultural museums, antique shrines in addition to the impressive rice fields in Saba. Finally, do not forget to participate in cruise trips and adventures in Halong Bay.

Tunisia :

  • What many do not know is that tourism in Tunisia is completely inexpensive, and it has all the services that a tourist needs for an unforgettable visit. You can enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Tunisia and the picturesque green nature.
  • The people in Tunisia welcome tourists and offer them the best possible Arab hospitality, and do not skimp in helping others.
  • There are many reasons that make Tunisia one of the favorite tourist destinations for most Arab tourists, including the many wonderful attractions and antiquities that spread in Tunisia. You will feel that the ancient history of the country smells everywhere.
  • The popular markets in the country express the beauty of Africa and the charm of the East. In Tunisia, there are many tourist cities, impressive resorts, mega cabarets, and public parks that have different services besides walking, running, and picnics, such as cafes and restaurants.


  • Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful natural cities with cheap travel costs, and is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world to visit St. Alexander Nevsky Church, which is one of the most beautiful spots in Bulgaria.
  • Tourists can enjoy visiting the coastal beaches, and sunbathing in the wonderful sunshine of the sunny beach. You will find many affordable hotels for everyone.
  • For those who like charming nature and stunning landscapes, you can visit Bansko, which has a beautiful calm climate.

Brazil :

  • Brazil is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, which many do not know or think that traveling to it is very expensive.
  • In Brazil there are many tourist destinations at affordable prices for young people and families.
  • You can ride the cable car in Rio de Janeiro to see the country and how many amazing natural places with new eyes.
  • The most important characteristic of Brazil is the large number of tourism activities that can be participated in, the beaches are very impressive, and many impressive parties and youth parties are organized, and barbecues are held for everyone to participate in.
  • Do not forget to visit the famous zoo, which is located in Gramado, visit the Black Lake, or pass through the Iguazu Falls, which is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Brazil, which opens its doors to all for free.

Greece :

  • We cannot miss mentioning Greece, the most beautiful and celebrated ancient world and monuments.
  • Greece is one of the best options for an unforgettable vacation, especially the Greek islands where the beauty and splendor of nature cannot be described.
  • Greece was for a long period of high-priced tourist destinations, but cheap prices today came due to the financial crisis that the country went through in the recent period, which led to the promotion of tourism in the country and lower prices in order to try to raise the country’s economy again.
  • You can spend a relaxing vacation on the shore of Emerovigli, which is one of the most beautiful, romantic and passionate places in Athens. If you are a fan of European islands, Greece is the best option for you.

the black Mountain:

  • If you are looking for a cheap and beautiful tourist destination then you have found your next tourist destination.
  • Montenegro is the best proof of the beauty of the Balkans and the magic of nature in them, as these natural areas are dominated by impressive mountain areas and excellent climate in the summer if you are trying to escape from the summer heat and high humidity.
  • Podgorica, the Balkan capital, possesses many charming archeological attractions, as well as the Moraca River. You will feel the country quiet and relaxing, especially if you visit the charming Budva.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Bay of Kotor, around which there are many rural villages that demonstrate the beauty of the country without the words needed to describe it. Montenegro is also an excellent tourist destination for tourists if they want to rent apartments at reasonable prices, and take an unforgettable vacation in Herceg Novi.

Egypt :

  • Egypt is one of the most suitable tourist destinations for low-budget people, and the tourist finds all that he thinks and dreams of great recreational activities, markets, commercial centers, and restaurants with different flavors starting from Cairo and passing through the various tourist cities.
  • Coastal cities are the preferred option for visitors to Egypt, and you will find many hotels at reasonable prices for different budgets in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. You can visit Alexandria, it is the best destination for families and the people are good and very welcome to tourists.
  • You can also go down to Marsa Matruh if you are a fan of quiet places to take a break from everything in your life. The prices of hotels in Egypt are varied and suit all budgets, from very cheap to luxurious.


  • Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which does not need to pay big money in the visa. Hotels in Malaysia are never expensive, especially the impressive hotels in Piang Island.
  • Georgetown is a favorite tourist destination for many lovers of ancient ruins, famous markets, and archeological sites to learn more about Malaysia’s ancient history.
  • There are many recreational activities in which you can participate, including visiting the amusement parks, and wandering the gardens and green spaces that spread over the mountain heights in Genting, where the atmosphere is nice and refreshing away from the hot places.
  • A cable car ride is one of the most beautiful things in Malaysia, which is great for adults and children. We recommend Malaysia as an amazing and affordable tourist trip.


  • Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries at all and what is distinguished by the lack of high prices for housing, as it includes hotels with different forms and various services to suit all tourists, whatever their nature of their livelihood or nationality.
  • The best way to visit Turkey for affordable tourism is to choose cities that are not acceptable to tourists. In crowded cities, the costs of staying in a hotel will increase significantly when compared to non-crowded places.
  • You can go down in the low-density inner cities in terms of the number of visitors, such as Adana and Konya. If your budget is reasonable and you like to get off in the coastal cities, you can choose Bodrum or safety, as they are considered one of the best coastal cities that are not crowded and that are characterized by calm and beautiful nature.
  • Before making a decision to book a hotel in Turkey, compare the prices and services provided by each hotel and try to get the most entertainment without paying huge sums at the same time so that you have more money to enjoy an unforgettable trip in the arms of Turkey.

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