A guide for the names of the best entertainment places in Marrakech is recommended to visit from the experiences of travelers. Morocco is a country of magic, beauty and nature, as it is famous for landscape tourism. Morocco has benefited from the distinguished location in the African continent and its location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is one of the host countries for many Of tourists from different nationalities in the world.
One of the most distinguishing features of the Kingdom of Morocco is the diversity of its terrain between plateaus, seas and beauty, which helped it to be one of the tourist destinations for global scenery in the world, as well as it contains many beautiful beaches, many green oases, fishing ports, western coasts and the High Atlas Mountains, next to its countryside. The wonderful and the presence of many wonderful cities that Ali accepts to visit tourists from all over the world, such as Mankas and Fez where bustling Islamic architecture, and this is what we will talk about in our article today on Arab travelers.

Tourist regions of Morocco:

Tourism in the country of Morocco has its own taste, as it is one of the countries that enjoy different cultures, which helped to create a wonderful mixture of cultures, where Morocco’s markets are packed with the finest gardens, and they contain a picturesque nature, especially those in the desert, this country that merges between the two African worlds The Arab, and its people, uphold its ancient heritage, customs and traditions, despite the emergence of an invasion of Western culture in it.

The best entertainment places in Marrakech:

Marrakech is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Morocco, as it is the capital of the Andalusian Empire, as it is characterized by its nature and its picturesque beauty, as it has a wonderful harmony and mix between the splendor of the past and the beauty of the present, the city of Marrakech includes a number of historical buildings and fences and many giant gardens, and Marrakech is considered to be the present Home to Islamic civilization, it is considered an intellectual center for philosophy and science as it contains a large number of monuments and museums attracting huge numbers of tourists, as well as a number of tourist places that are suitable for spending a wonderful holiday in the Moroccan atmosphere, as there are a number of exponents Aq, restaurants, cafes and many leisure activities, and the most important tourist attractions of this city:

  • Marrakesh Museum:

It is considered one of the important tourist places in the capital, Marrakesh, in which there are a number of rare and unique exhibits, in which it mixes contemporary art and artistic works made of ceramics, many textiles, some Qur’anic inscriptions, pottery and coins.

  • Jamaâ El Fna Square:

This square is considered as a popular outlet for the city’s residents and for its visitors from all over the world, as this square is considered the beating heart of the city, which is filled with stalls, storytellers, snake trekkers, musicians and riddles of mysteries. Sit at any of the cafes that surround the square or have a delicious Moroccan meal with any of the two Moroccan restaurants there.

  • Majorelle Gardens:

This garden is considered one of the most beautiful Moroccan gardens to attract tourists in Marrakesh, it is a tropical gardens characterized by its wonderful design, in addition to the wonderful mixture between the green nature and bright colors, the garden has many different types of plants, some of which were assembled from the five continents such as palm, cactus and ferns. It was named after the French artist Jacques Majori, who designed it in the same style as the French town of Nancy.

  • Koutoubia Mosque:

It was built in 1162 and is considered one of the most prominent achievements of Almohad architecture, it is characterized by containing its ornate minarets, which reach 70 meters in length, and attracts many lovers of ancient architecture, which is characterized by the beauty of its architecture and its wonderful decorations, the area of ​​the mosque is 53000 m 2, and contains eleven decorated and engraved domes, It also contains 17 interior pavilions, and this mosque features an automated mobile platform, which is a strong reflection of the beauty of Islamic carpentry.

  • Bahia Palace:

The history of the Bahia Palace dates back to the era of the Alawite state, and it is considered one of the tourist places that have importance in Marrakech, as it attracts many tourists from all over the earth, in order to get to know the Moroccan architecture that is characterized by splendor and luxury, so the palace contains a number of royal halls and wings and water pools and gardens This palace was built in the 19th century, as it was the residence of the great minister Bou Ahmed during this era.

  • Al Manara Gardens:

These gardens are located 3 km outside the walls of the city of Marrakech, which is considered an ideal outlet for the local city residents in order to get fresh air and get out of the problems and concerns of life, this garden was established in the late nineteenth century in the Almohad era, these gardens are surrounded by a large reservoir which is A large pool of water with a depth of two meters and a circumference of 510 meters.

  • The Almoravid Dome:

This dome is considered one of the most famous landmarks of the city, and its establishment dates back to the year 1064, when it was built in the era of Ali bin Youssef to serve as a ablution house for worshipers at the Mosque of Ibn Al-Quba, this dome reflects the great architecture of the Almoravid state, where its solid structure that remained steadfast in front of the fluctuations of time, beside The presence of a water delivery system that is unique, as the water comes from under the ground passing through channels to pour bronze tubes.

  • Marrakesh Wall:

Its history dates back to 1126, it was built from the most beautiful protection of the city against the attacks of enemies, where the compact soil was used to construct this wall, which still exists to this day without being affected by time fluctuations, it is a unique masterpiece of architecture, and the length of this wall extends Up to 9 km around the city.

  • Bin Youssef School:

It is a masterpiece of historical architecture dating back to the year 1346 AD, this school embraced top scholars and writers who were teaching science of jurisprudence, religion and other sciences, which made it one of the most famous historical Moroccan schools, while this school today is one of the places of attraction of tourists.

  • Madinah Commercial Markets:

The commercial markets that are located in the old city are among the most prominent tourist areas in Marrakech, where the old city is characterized by its colorful houses and narrow alleys, there are many shops selling perfumes, shoes, souvenirs and clothes, and there is a market dedicated to leather.

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