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A guide to the best entertainment places in Turkey Istanbul is recommended to visit, Turkey is a cultural treasures that have been inherited throughout the ages, as it has established the features of the Ottoman Empire, in addition to its exceptional climate, geography and nature, it overlooks a long and present history and a future vibrant with human heritage, Where the civilizations of the Mediterranean basin meet, as well as being a meeting of the European community with the Islamic community, its visitors will not feel tired from the moment of wandering among its cities and markets.
As for Istanbul, the ancient city that was previously known as the city of Astana, Constantinople, Istanbul, and Byzantium, it is the largest tourist city in Turkey, and it is the second global city in terms of population density where more than 13 million people live, and Istanbul was the capital of many empires And the capital of several countries, where in the past was the capital of the Roman Empire and then the capital of the Byzantine Empire, and then the capital of the Latin Empire and then the capital of the Ottoman Empire and the empire was the last of them before the announcement of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, and in 1985 it rose to Nesco added historical landmarks in Istanbul on the list of world heritage sites, and in 2010 was chosen Istanbul to be a shared capital of European culture.

The best entertainment places in Turkey Istanbul:

Sultanahmet District:

This region contains a number of tourist and historical attractions, where there are many mosques, parks, museums, restaurants and churches, this region represents the tourist and historical face of Istanbul, it includes many cultural and historical treasures, this city occupies a large part of the tourism program for all visitors to Istanbul, it is Its most famous features:

  • Blue Mosque or as it is known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque:

It is considered one of the most famous mosques in it, as this mosque is unique because it contains six minarets, which makes it distinct from the rest of Turkey’s mosques, which include only four minarets.

  • Topkapi Palace:

Or as it is known as the High Gate, it is considered one of the most important palaces in Istanbul and one of the most famous historical monuments in it, as it is considered one of the important centers of attraction as it constitutes an important historical stage in the history of the Ottoman Empire, as Topkapi Palace was a center for decision-making, and contains Many sacred Islamic monuments.

  • Aya Sofia:

One of the most famous historical sights in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia Church is located in an interview with Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is located in the most famous historical areas of the city, which is the Sultanahmet district which is located in the European section of the city.

  • Gulhane Park:

It is considered one of the most beautiful parks and one of the most magnificent parks in Istanbul.

  • The Egyptian Market:

The spice market is considered one of the historical markets famous for the Sultanahmet area, and it is considered the second market in the city in terms of size and importance.

  • The covered market (Grand Barzar):

It is considered one of the largest and oldest markets in popular Istanbul, and one of the oldest markets in the world, visited by large numbers of tourists, and on the flanks of this market there are many bathrooms, restaurants, mosques, shops and cafes.

Tourism in Turkey, Asian part:

And includes the city of Istanbul in the Asian part, which has many of the most beautiful places of tourism, this part embodies the nobility of that city, there are many parks and museums and a number of tourist places, and the most prominent features are the following:

  • Heydarpasa station:

It is the largest railway station in Istanbul, overlooking the sea, which gives a great opportunity to take some memorial photos there.

  • Puppet Hill:

It has a very impressive view, as its ruins include the neighborhoods and minarets of Istanbul, and the bride’s hill is one of the seven highest hills surrounding Istanbul, so whoever stands at the top of the hill sees Istanbul as a wonderful painting, you can see the city with its Asian and European sides.

  • Girl’s Tower:

Many tales and stories revolve around this mysterious past have been woven around this tower, so the girl tower is considered an important historical heritage in Istanbul.

  • Baghdad Street:

This street extends from the municipality of Kadikoy to the municipality of Maltepe, and the distance of this street is 14 km, and is located parallel to the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the importance of this street is not less than the importance of Istiklal Street, which is located on the European side of the city.

  • Optimum Outlet Complex:

This complex was opened in 2008, and it consists of five floors, there are two floors below the ground, and includes many brands and events that are held specifically for children.

  • Bostanci Lunapark:

It is one of the most important amusement parks in Istanbul, located about ten minutes away from Bostanci Station, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul.

  • Tepe Nautilus Shopping Center: It is one of the first shopping centers to be opened in Istanbul, and this center is located in Kadikoy area.

Tourism in the Ortakoy region:

This region is located in Besiktas on the European side, where it is located on the Bosphorus strait, and they used to call it the name of the resort of the Sultans, where the sultans of the Ottoman Empire lived, and the most famous of them are:

  • Ortakoy Mosque:

This mosque is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Ortakoy, as it was built on the orders of Sultan Abdul Majeed, this mosque is characterized by the splendor and beauty of its decoration and the splendor of its construction and is a reflection of the extent of the development of architecture in this era, and the Ortakoy Mosque is located on the bank of the Bosphorus Strait, as it overlooks Suspended Bosphorus Bridge.

  • Chergan Palace:

This palace is one of the most important monuments in the region, and it was built by the reign of Sultan Abdul Aziz that we did not honor it was established in 1863, characterized by the splendor of unique architectural design, as its exterior is covered with colored marble, while the palace walls and interior ceilings are made of decorative wood.

  • Ortakoy Markets:

Ortakoy region is distinguished by many historical monuments, as it contains a number of commercial centers, which reflects the modern face of this ancient neighborhood, and this neighborhood also has a popular market that includes many bazaars that display souvenirs and antiques.

  • Cafes and restaurants:

There are many restaurants and cafes that provide the tastiest and delicious food and drinks in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, and it is distributed on the coast of Ertouki, a number of kiosks specialized in selling composers and waffles.

The most important museums in Istanbul:

Istanbul hosts a number of the best archaeological museums as well as modern museums, which attracts a lot of tourists, and the most important museums in Istanbul are the following:

  • Dolma Delight:

One of the most beautiful palaces in Istanbul, and Dolma Palace is considered an accent symbol of luxury and luxury throughout the various ages, where the splendor of design and luxury of construction, construction costs amounted to about 35 tons of gold.

  • Aviation Museum:

This museum is a military museum that displays many different types of warplanes and displays helicopters and defensive systems used by the Turkish Air Force.

  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum:

This museum consists of three museums, all of which are specialized in displaying hundreds of thousands of rare artifacts and antiques. It is considered one of the most prominent and largest museums in Istanbul and even in the world.

  • Panorama of Constantinople:

It is considered one of the most important unique museums in Istanbul, as this museum features 3D scenes and sound effects.

  • Islamic museum:

This museum includes many monuments dating back to the Islamic era, such as ancient Islamic manuscripts, many carpets and luxurious hats and is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful entertainment places in Turkey Istanbul.

  • Istanbul Museum of Modern Art:

It is considered one of the best modern museums in Istanbul, where this museum is located in Beyoglu, overlooking the Bosphorus.

  • Wax Museum:

One of the modern museums in Istanbul, which is a branch of the World Wax Museum series, where this museum was opened in 2016.

  • Snow Museum:

It is the first snow museum to be opened in Turkey, and it has been opened recently, and this museum is located in the Forum shopping mall.

  • Toy Museum:

Considered one of Istanbul’s unique museums, this museum specializes in children’s games, as it contains more than 10,000 toys, brought from all over the world.

  • Chocolate Museum:

It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, as it is the destination that many tourists prefer while visiting this city.

The most beautiful parks in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul, which is covered with greenery and smells of winds, as Istanbul enjoys its unparalleled beauty, among its most prominent gardens:

  • Emirgan Garden:

It is a large garden, this garden is distinguished by the abundance of trees in it and the presence of many types of roses, besides it has a small lake.

  • Ataturk Park:

We consider one of the wonderful destinations for those who want fresh air and those looking for rest, this garden contains three lakes and has many plants and many rare trees and is one of the best entertainment places in Turkey Istanbul.

  • Floria Istanbul Park:

One of the most beautiful public parks in Istanbul, this park is located according to the municipality of Floria, one of the most distinguishing features of this park is the presence of many tulip flowers that are spread on the outskirts of the garden corridors, as it contains many facilities, there is a walkway and many children games and there is a race track and restaurant And a cafe.

  • Yildiz Park:

This park is located on the banks of the Bosphorus, and is located close to Yildiz Palace.

  • Zoo:

It is the largest zoo in Istanbul, where there are more than two hundred species of animals, and there are more than 250 species of plants, there can be seen crocodiles, lions, dogs, turtles, foxes, turtles, deer, tigers, bears, as well as lions.

The most important Turkish baths in Istanbul:

Turkish baths take a distinguished place in the plan of every tourist who has the desire to visit Turkey, as a kind of entertainment, leisure and recreation, and there came a period of time when the number of Turkish baths reached 14 thousand baths, of which only about 155 baths were intended for the general public, while the rest of the baths were It is intended for princes and sultans and most of them were inside their palaces. Among the most famous Turkish baths in Istanbul are the following:

  • Chamberlain Bath:

This ancient Ottoman bathroom has many ancient decorations and a number of beautiful domes, and was designed by one of the most famous architects called Sinan.

  • Galatasaray Bath:

It was built in 1481, as it was part of Galatasaray College, what distinguishes this bathroom is that it works on authentic Turkish foundations.

  • Hagia Sophia harem of Sultan bath:

It is considered one of the finest Turkish baths and one of the most servicing bathrooms for its customers, this bathroom is characterized by its luxurious facilities such as its luxurious walls made of marble, marble floors and silk towels.

  • Kilic Ali Pasha bath:

This bathroom was built by the well-known architect Sinan, where it was built for Ali Pasha, who at that time was one of the most important leaders of the Ottoman army, one of the most distinguishing features of this bathroom is the refinement of its design.

  • Kialloo Bath:

It is the last Turkish bath that was built during the era of the Ottomans, and it is considered one of the largest baths in Istanbul.

  • Sulaymaniyah bath:

It is considered one of the most popular Turkish baths by tourists, because it differs from the rest of the Turkish baths, as the old building that distinguishes it, as well as the level of service and high quality.

  • Herma bath:

Built in honor of Sultan Mehrama, it was built by the famous Ottoman architecture Sinan, and offers many traditional services to Turkish baths, in which there are two pools, one cold and the other hot.

The most famous markets in Istanbul and shopping places:

Istanbul is famous for the abundance of markets, where tourists can spend a wonderful time among the modern commercial centers that many accept. It combines modernity with the pleasure of shopping, besides including the best international brands, as well as it contains many popular and ancient markets, and one of its most popular markets is what Follows:

  • The Egyptian Market:

The city’s second largest market, and is an important commercial center for spice trade in Turkey.

  • Wednesday Bazaar:

This market is located in the back of Al-Fateh Mosque, as it contains thousands of street vendors, many merchants, shopkeepers, and many stalls.

  • Al-Nahhasin Market:

It is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, specialized in selling handicrafts and copper products.

  • Arasta Market:

Among the markets specialized in selling handicrafts, this market was during the era of the Ottomans specializing in the sale of supplies for cavalry soldiers, also known as the Sibahi Market.

  • Covered market:

Known as the Grand Bazaar and one of the oldest markets in the world, about 400 thousand visitors visit it per day.

The names of the most famous malls in Istanbul:

  • Forum Mall:

One of the newest malls in the city and opened in 2009, as it occupies a large area within the Perm Pasha region, and this complex contains many stores that contain Turkish and international brands, and there are also many entertainment places in it.

  • The Galleria Atakoy Mall:

It is the first modern mall, with a large number of stores.

  • Jewels Mall:

It is the largest mall in Istanbul, and one of the largest shopping centers at the level of Uriah, and many Arabs accept it, so the residents called it the Mall of Arabia.

  • Venice Mall:

Among the distinguished commercial complexes in the Ghazi Osman Pasha region, this mall is a masterpiece that resembles the city of Venice from streets and boats that run on water channels. The mall includes approximately 180 shops.

  • Acmercise Mall:

One of the most important malls in Istanbul, contains more than 240 shops that include the most famous local and international brands, which include fabrics and clothing, the most distinctive of which is the large number of drawers and elevators.

  • Canyon Mall:

Among the most modern and distinguished malls, it contains more than 150 stores for international and local brands, in addition to the presence of many entertainment places and has a theater.

The most famous mosques in Istanbul:

Istanbul is a city in which many cultures mix, civilizations abound, and civilizations are diverse. Istanbul was called the city of minarets, where mosques abound and are located in all of their neighborhoods. And its beautiful decoration, among the most famous of its mosques:

  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque:

It is considered one of the largest urban complexes in Istanbul, coming next to the Fatih Mosque.

  • New mosque:

One of the most famous mosques in Turkey, one of the most distinguished features of its magnificent and unique Ottoman architecture, besides that it is located near Galata Bridge and the sea.

  • Yawuz Selim Mosque:

Known as Selim I Mosque, it is considered the second oldest mosque dating back to the Ottoman era in Istanbul, and is located on the fifth plateau overlooking the Golden Horn.

  • Al-Fateh Mosque:

This mosque is of great historical significance, as it represents the beauty icon in which the splendor of Islamic architecture is represented in ancient times.

  • Ayoub Sultan Mosque:

It is considered the first mosque built by the Ottomans in Istanbul, in the year 1453 AD after the conquest of Constantinople.

  • Al-Hamidiya Yildiz Mosque:

Located in Yildiz district in the Besiktas region, this mosque is located within the Yildiz neighborhood which includes a palace, garden and Yildiz Mosque.

The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul:

Varied in Istanbul places for showers and entertainment, as it embraces many beaches, which visitors visit for water sports and swimming, and its most important beaches:

  • Naki Bay Beach:

It is the largest island among the princesses, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist beaches in Istanbul.

  • Very Bustan Beach:

It is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, and has a length of km, located close to Baghdad Street.

  • Solar beach:

It is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish beaches, it is located in the north of Belgrade forests and overlooks the Black Sea.

  • Floria Beach:

One of the nice places in Istanbul worth visiting, especially in the afternoon.

  • Oznya Beach:

One of the most natural beaches in Istanbul, and this beach is located within a small bay overlooking the Black Sea.

  • Kilyos Beach:

This sandy beach is teeming with tourists during summer days, it is located on the Black Sea and is easily accessible from the center of Istanbul.

The most beautiful family entertainment places in Istanbul:

Istanbul is famous for amusement parks and entertainment cities, and the most famous of them are:

  • Via Land:

One of the largest and largest amusement parks in Istanbul, as it has an area of ​​2.2 km2, which includes a large number of various electric toys and there is an amusement park for children.

  • Aqua Dolphin:

One of the most beautiful water parks, there are many recreational and water games suitable for all ages.

  • Istanbul Aquarium:

It is the largest aquatic zoo in the Middle East and Europe, with many creatures and marine creatures.

  • Aquamarina:

This entertainment city, full of joy and vitality, has many modern water games that suit all age groups.

  • Bostanci Lunapark:

It is located about 10 minutes away from Bostangi Station, as it contains a large number of electric toys suitable for adults and children.

  • Istanbul Dolphinarium:

One of the most beautiful and largest centers where dolphin shows are held throughout the year to winter.


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