The international park is one of the most beautiful gardens that exist in Cairo, because it is one of the best tourist attractions in the city, as the international park is one of the parks that have many different entertainment means, through the various and multiple departments that are in the garden, And through many sections in the garden as well, and we will learn through this article in detail on the International Park in Cairo, the most important means of entertainment in it, as well as times for visiting the park.

The site of the International Park in Cairo:

The international park is located in the Nasr City area, which is one of the areas in Cairo, and it is one of its famous areas. The park is located specifically on a street called Abbas Al Akkad Street, and the park is one of the public parks, and it is one of the most attractive places for visitors throughout the year, whether they are From inside or outside Cairo, because it is one of the vast gardens in the area, in addition to that it includes many stunning landscapes.

Sections of the International Park:

  • The international park includes many different departments, and that is what distinguishes it from other gardens that exist in Cairo, as it includes some sections in which each section has some content that differs from the other section, and the garden is very suitable for all family members and lovers of charming nature And calm.
  • There is a special section in the park named after the country assigned to it, where there is a section called the China section, as well as the Saudi section, the Argentine section, and also a special section for Japan, and many other countries.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes the sections of this garden from others is that each of its sections has its own contents, for example there are some plants and trees in the section of China, as well as animals that the country of China is famous for, as well as the section of Saudi Arabia and Japan, and so on, so visiting the garden sections is an interesting thing To know the other countries and the most famous plants for each country.

Contents of the International Park:

  • The garden includes many different types of plants, which includes different trees of all kinds in all sections and areas of the garden.
  • The International Park also includes a large group of different animals, which are found in the sections of the garden, where there is also a small garden of geysans in the park, which includes some rare animal species of its kind.
  • In the International Park there is also a small museum, but it houses a large number of stuffed animals, as well as some skeletons of some extinct and rare animals, and some types of giant lizards.
  • There is also a train in the park to bring visitors and take them on a tour around the park to learn about its various components and sections.
  • The garden also includes a small-sized restaurant, with which you can eat several fast food items and some drinks and juices.

Entertainment in the International Park:

  • The park also includes many scenic landscapes, while providing calm for the visitor, which provides enjoyment of spending time inside the park.
  • Enjoy watching many different garden sections, visiting each section on which the flag of the country in which the department is located, and enjoy watching the trees and plants that that country is famous for.
  • You can enjoy a train ride in the park to take a quick tour in the park and see many scenic landscapes, all in just a quarter of an hour.
  • You can also enjoy doing an unforgettable experience, which is riding a horror train in the park as well, which is a train ride and entering the dark place and seeing many scary shapes, and this is what many consider an interesting experience.
  • Enjoy watching many different information about some kinds of extinct animals by visiting the museum in the park, which includes many information in addition to watching stuffed animals and the skeletons of other animal species.
  • Enjoy eating many fast food in a place full of magic, charm and scenic landscapes.

When to visit the International Park:

The international park is considered one of the public parks, which makes it available throughout the week for everyone, and it can be visited any day and any time from eight in the morning until six in the evening on a daily basis.

The cost of visiting the international park:

The international park can be visited at a very simple price, where the ticket price per person is only ten Egyptian pounds only, throughout the week except for Friday, so the entry price per person is forty Egyptian pounds per person, as well as on holidays, holidays and official holidays it is also a cost Entry per person forty Egyptian pounds.

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