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The continent of Europe is one of the continents that brings together many civilizations such as the European, Romen, and Greek civilizations, the Arab and Islamic civilization and the modern Western civilization in addition to the beautiful and varied natural monuments found throughout Europe, and this is why Europe with its various countries is one of the most tourist destinations around the world, despite the presence of Many of the issues that bring together the countries of the European continent, but that each European country has its own distinctive culture and its civilizational, historical and natural touch that makes its visit an enjoyable and unique experience from the rest of the countries, and for this it cannot be The hands of any European country to be the best destination for tourism; as this is up to personal taste often.

The best European countries for tourism


Italy is one of the most ancient and historical countries in Europe, so Rome, the capital of Italy, is considered one of the most visited cities by tourists in Europe because of its ancient history, the time of the Romens in addition to its religious importance, so inside Rome there is the Vatican State, which is considered the head of the Catholic Church headed by the Pope, in addition to To the Vatican and Coliseum museums that are also located in Rome, which dates back to the Romen era, in addition to many other tourist destinations in Italy such as Milan, Florence, Venice, and others.


Madrid and Barcelona are considered the largest cities in Spain and the most tourist destinations in them and in the whole of Europe. In these cities there are many museums and civilizational and historical monuments of all eras and civilizations that have passed through them throughout history, whether it is Islamic or Romen history or other, and Spain enjoys like the rest of Europe Wonderful nature and the number of parks and nature reserves throughout.


Germany is one of the most advanced countries on the industrial level in the whole world. Although there is no historical heritage throughout Germany compared to other European countries such as Spain, Italy or England, the development witnessed by Germany has made it one of the most visited tourist destinations across the world and in Europe For many goals such as medical tourism and tourism for trade and education and even enjoyment of German civilization.


France is one of the favorite countries as a tourist destination in the whole world, especially the city of Paris, which is one of the capitals of art, culture, literature, civilization and many other things that are famous across the world, in addition to many other tourist attractions in which the Eiffel Tower is headed, which is one of The most famous sights in the entire world.


Greece has one of the most ancient civilizations throughout the world, which is the Greek civilization, which left a trace in the history of the entire world that contributed to shaping the world as we currently know it, whether from the philosophical, scientific, civilizational and many other levels. Therefore, there is no doubt that Greece is one of the most attractive countries for tourism in The whole world to enjoy the wide civilization that history left in this, in addition to the natural beauty in its various parts, like the rest of the countries on the Mediterranean.

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