The best family residence in Dubai

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List of the best family housing in Dubai, Dubai has recently become one of the cities that attract a lot of tourists, due to the tourist services and entertainment places, and the many attractions that travel lovers seek and enjoy the beauty of these attractions, so it has become a tourist destination suitable for all family members. Planning to spend your next vacation with your family in Dubai, Arab travelers will show you the best places to live in.

The best family residence in Dubai

Dubai city is characterized by the availability of many high-end hotels and resorts that offer cheap hotel rooms and apartments, suitable for its guests who seek to spend a happy holiday at the lowest prices and on a limited budget, so you enjoy it with good reception and hospitality, as well as clean and tidy budget hotels that are affordable to families and close Of all the vital services in the city.

  • Rawda Metha Hotel Dubai

The Rawda Metha Hotel Dubai is one of the best hotels that offer cheap hotel apartments that are very similar to the hotel suites, it includes a large number of great and distinctive services such as a pool that works throughout the year to entertain children and adults, free internet service, all facilities are available inside the apartments, it has service Breakfast delivery, about 7.5 km away from Dubai Airport, met a great evaluation from all its visitors in terms of cleanliness, comfort and material return.

  • Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments Dubai

Al Jawhara Hotel Apartments Dubai is about 8 km from Dubai International Airport, and it is located in front of Deira City Center, which provides a lot of time to go shopping and hiking within the city, it contains apartments that accommodate more than 6 individuals, provides large family rooms, and rooms for adults The characters, it has the fastest and most cleaning service, the cooperation of the staff, offers the best food, and the spacious apartment area.

  • Telal Hotel Apartments Dubai

Tilal Hotel Apartments is one of the most famous places that was characterized by providing cheap and distinctive hotel apartments, along with some recreational services such as a year-round swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and free parking. He received a lot of reviews from customers regarding hygiene, comfort and calm during their stay, There is also complete satisfaction with the services and facilities provided, away from Dubai Airport, a 9-minute drive.

  • Savoy Crest Hotel Apartments Dubai

It is one of the best places that owns hotel apartments, and it is characterized by providing general services such as swimming pools for adults and children, transfer services to and from the airport, tickets to visit the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, all of that comes with great reviews for its visitors and customers who have previously lived in it, including about the cleanliness of the place, services Good reception, and finally offering all of this at the cheapest prices, far from Dubai Airport, 8 km away.

  • Movenpick Hotel Al Mamzar Dubai

It is one of the finest hotels that provide services for hotel apartments, which can accommodate up to 4 people. It also provides general services, including swimming pools for entertainment and enjoyment, a fitness center, free internet service, transfer services to and from the airport, obtained many reviews through the cleanliness of the place Convenience, services provided, and a tuition fee for all this, is 6.7 km away from Dubai International Airport.

  • Golden Sands Hotel Apartments Dubai

It is one of the cheapest hotel apartments in Dubai, and it is characterized by providing large areas for these apartments that accommodate more than 6 people inside, it also provides a lot of public entertainment services, including swimming pools, distinctive and wonderful places to provide evening parties for dinner, won many wonderful reviews regarding cleanliness and good reception Good staff, and also great services provided, 8 km away from Dubai International Airport.

  • Welcome to Dubai Hotel

It is one of the most famous hotels that offer the best hotel apartments at the cheapest prices, as it provides a set of distinguished services and activities inside it, there are transportation services to and from the airport, places designated for dinners, about 4 kilometers from the Dubai International Airport.


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