Family Kuwaiti restaurants are considered one of the best restaurants in the world and Kuwait contains a lot of restaurants that reflect its nature, as it contains a lot of restaurants that offer a variety of meals from different countries of the world, it does not include meals from Kuwaiti, English, Egyptian, Lebanese or Syrian kitchens only It also includes Indian, American, Chinese and italyn meals. Each restaurant has its own flavor that expresses its nationality, as well as dishes from around the world to suit all cultures and all tourists and families from different countries of the world, and there are many restaurants intended for families only a And restaurants divided into sections, one for men only and the other for men with their families and is called the family section.

Best family restaurants in Kuwait

Caesar Restaurant

Caesar Restaurant Caesar Restaurant is one of the distinctive restaurants that offer a variety of foods, especially Chinese food, which some prefer. Caesar Restaurant is located in the Salmiya area and receives many visitors daily from families that prefer to visit it than other restaurants. The Caesar restaurant is one of the best restaurants for families for breakfast and lunch from the buffet of the restaurant that contains delicious foods at the best prices, and the restaurant has a group of multiple branches in the Salmiya, Farwaniya and Hawalli regions. The Caesar restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Kuwait that offers Indian and Chinese dishes and contains a section For families as well as a great place for lunch and dinner parties.

Shahrayar Restaurant

Shahrayar Restaurant is a large restaurant located in the Sharq region that contains booths for large families as its prices are suitable and is characterized by calm and offers visitors the most delicious foods and different dishes, and the best meals there are kebab meals and kofta and hummus as well as a club sandwich meal and its cost is about one and a quarter dinars and is only A snack for breakfast. One of the most distinctive features of the restaurant is the grill and delicious salads that many come to eat because of its delicious taste, along with the fast and excellent service that the restaurant provides to visitors. Also read the best popular Kuwait restaurants with quality food and prices.

Mughal Mahal Restaurants

Mughal Mahal Restaurants Many visitors testify that Mughal Mahal Restaurant is one of the best restaurants for families as it provides a system of cabins and offers the best foods with delicious taste, it also provides excellent service to visitors, and the restaurant flocks to the locals and tourists in abundance. As for the menu it is Really distinctive and includes a variety of meals, you will find Chinese, Indian and oriental cuisine along with delicious grill, fruits and sweets, and the restaurant features attractive decorations.

Albalad Restaurant

Al-Balad Restaurant, Albalad Restaurant Al-Balad Restaurant is located on Ahmad Al-Jaber Street, next to Dasman Complex, which is a famous Lebanese restaurant in Kuwait. The restaurant is characterized by a calm atmosphere where it is located on the East Tower, which is considered one of the most famous towers of Kuwait, and it is a fine restaurant that includes a section for families. From the restaurant, especially in the evening period, the restaurant rises about 60 meters and it is one of the spacious restaurants with an area of ​​about 600 square meters, you will find there a delicious Lebanese menu of all kinds along with all kinds of hot and cold drinks. Also read Kuwait's most beautiful beachfront restaurants for delicious family meals.

Gulf Royal Chinese Restaurant

Gulf Royal Chinese Restaurant, Gulf Royal Chinese Restaurant, is suitable for families and couples. It is located on Ibn Khaldoun Street and offers visitors a wonderful array of Chinese cuisine from various kitchens of the world such as Chinese and Asian cuisine. The restaurant also provides a fast and excellent service for visitors along with the possibility of home delivery Many families go there to spend quality time and eat the tastiest food. One of the best selling foods in that restaurant according to customers' opinion is the fried noodle dish with chicken, meat, eggs, and delicious shrimp, as well as the kendo shrimp, chicken and corn beef soup as well as the Tromidor crab N the sea, this restaurant is being characterized by offering the finest and most delicious Chinese cuisine as well as chicken, meat and other foods that suit all tastes.

Oriental Restaurant

Oriental Restaurant, Oriental Restaurant is an Indian restaurant in Kuwait that specializes in serving distinctive Indian foods and foods. The restaurant is located at 50 Mubarak Al Kabeer Street in Kuwait City. Food is prepared by adding distinctive Indian spices and flavors to all Indian food lovers. The restaurant allocates a separate section for families and families. For vegetarians and non-vegetarians because the restaurant contains a menu of Indian food that suits all tastes, and the restaurant has been moved from its old place to a more spacious place that provides comfort for visitors as it has become easy to access at any time, and there is ample space for parking For cars behind the restaurant. The restaurant is characterized by elegant decorations and large interior spaces where it is characterized by the splendid engineering designs that attract visitors to it as well as the excellent service provided by the staff to visitors and families. The restaurant contains more than 8 cabins for families and families who always come to visit the restaurant and eat different meals. Multi-storey next to the restaurant and it also provides an enjoyable experience for everyone. The restaurant not only provides Indian cuisine but also contains Chinese and Arabic food and meals, and Orient Restaurant enjoys a good reputation and great fame, it is one of the Ancient and distinctive feeder in Kuwait, was established in 1993 and since then the restaurant has become a favorite destination for many because of the quality of services provided, delicious food and prices appropriate for all.

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