An integrated guide to the best and most beautiful villas for families in Austria, where Austria is one of the most important areas that include many distinctive tourist attractions, and therefore because it includes many different tourist cities, which many visitors come from all over the world to enjoy these tourist attractions and picturesque landmarks And Austria includes a large group of apartments and hotels in addition to villas that can be obtained in many cities of Austria, and we will get to know some of the villas in one of the cities of Austria through this article.

Family villas in Zell am See Austria:

Zell am See contains a large group of tourist attractions and is one of the cities that is considered one of the most attractive for visitors from all over the world. Zell am See includes a group of distinctive villas that we will get to know together.

First: Villa Bergfried:

Villa Jafrid is one of the best villas in Zell am See, because it is one of the distinctive and suitable places for families, and it is one of the places where people feel comfortable and relaxing, as the location of the villa is unique and unique and many different activities can be practiced in that region.

Features of Villa Bergfried:

  • The villa includes more than five bedrooms, and the area of ​​the villa is very large, reaching approximately two hundred and fifty square meters.
  • Villa Bergfried has many distinguished services, including internet access through the free Wi-Fi network located throughout the villa.
  • In the villa there is a living room equipped with the latest services, including a TV, along with a DVD.
  • The villa includes an equipped and multi-service kitchen, which includes a dishwasher and all the tools that can be used.
  • The villa also has a large and distinctive garden, and barbecues can be served through the facilities in it, in addition to the place in the garden dedicated to playing tennis ball.
  • The villa has a storehouse that includes many sports equipment for skiing.
  • The villa is located near many mountains, which can climb the mountains and enjoy many entertainment facilities around the villa.

Second: Villa Edelweiss:

Villa Edelweiss is one of the most beautiful villas in Zell am See, because it is near the famous lake Zell, and the place that surrounds this villa is one of the distinctive places, as the villa is very close to the city center, along with views of the lake.

Advantages of Villa Edelweiss:

  • The villa is near the lake, and this provides a feeling of relaxation and bathing through this wonderful view.
  • The villa has free internet access with high quality and great speed.
  • The villa contains a large size kitchen, and is equipped with all the distinguished services. There are also four bedrooms in the villa.
  • The villa has a large terrace where you can barbecue, and the villa has a sauna.
  • The villa has a private car park.

Third: Zell MC 700:

The villas directly overlooking the famous Lake Zell are among the most beautiful villas in Zell am See, because they offer a wonderful view, in addition to the many services available there, and that villa has a range of distinguished services in addition to its proximity to a famous restaurant.

Advantages of Villa Zia MC:

  • Free internet access is available throughout the villa.
  • The villa has two distinct gardens which give a wonderful and attractive view.
  • The villa has a large terrace with a view of many mountains in the vicinity of the villa.
  • The villa has a large fireplace, as well as a large sitting room, in addition to the villa contains a large kitchen equipped with the latest electric machines.
  • Free private parking is available at the villa.

Fourth: Villa das Lunigstein:

Villa das Lunigstein is one of the most famous and best villas in Zell am See and although this villa is a little expensive, but it includes many distinguished services, the villa is located near the heart of the city.

Advantages of Villa Lönstein:

  • The location of the villa, which is near a hill.
  • The villa has many distinguished services, including free high-quality internet access, all around.
  • The villa has a TV, along with a modern flat screen.
  • The villa offers free private parking.

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