The best honeymoon hotels in Hurghada

المسافرون العرب

Guide to the names of the best hotels in Hurghada for the honeymoon, Hurghada is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt, due to its distinctive tourist attractions, as it includes archaeological sites and includes a lot of markets, resorts and parks, and there are various tourist activities for this as it is one of the destinations Ideal for youth and family holidays, even honeymoon vacations. Here are more details on the Arab Travelers website.

Hurghada best honeymoon hotels:

  • Jaz Makadina Hotel:

This hotel is classified among the five stars hotels and one of the most distinguished hotels in Hurghada, as the hotel is distinguished by its location near the seashore, as it is located only two minutes away on foot, and Jaz Makadina Hotel is characterized as having a private beach and has a spa, pool and bar A restaurant, beside that there is a restaurant on the beach and the hotel has a lot of fun and fun water games. It also provides a parking space for free parking, and also provides a daily bus transport service to and from the hotel. The hotel is located about 30 km away from Hurghada International Airport. This hotel is vast Magnificent sea Talaltha.

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  • Sindbad Hotel Hurghada:

This hotel is classified among the very distinctive four-star hotels, Sindbad Hotel Hurghada is located near the Hurghada International Airport, as it is located only a quarter of an hour away by car, and it is located close to the sea only seven minutes on foot to reach To the seashore, this hotel is characterized by having an integrated spa, and one of the most recreational activities available in the hotel is the water park attached to it, which is accessed free of charge, which includes nearly six swimming pools, including a children’s pool. The hotel rooms are clean and air-conditioned and equipped with television screens LC The hotel also has a spa and pool and has a hair salon, gym and some steam sessions.

  • Hilton Hurghada Hotel:

It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Hurghada that are very suitable for couples, because it provides a quieter and more romantic stay, and is located near the Hurghada International Airport, and the hotel has a transportation service to the airport, which is located only ten minutes away by car, and the hotel includes eleven restaurants, a bar and an oriental café. The hotel also has golf and tennis courts, a spa and gymnasium, and there are also recreational courts and a club. This hotel has its own beach and the hotel has three swimming pools and a water sports park that includes seven water slides. It also has a center dedicated to water sports such as scuba diving, diving and surfing. , The rooms in the hotel are elegant and air-conditioned, clean and equipped with LCD TV screens. Each room has a minibar and a luxurious marble bathroom.

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  • Baron Palace Resorts:

This wonderful and luxurious hotel is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the Sahl Hasheesh area that enjoys its picturesque nature and is one of the most popular areas for couples to spend their honeymoon. Baron Palace Resort has all the amenities and calm and romantic atmosphere amid the charming and picturesque nature. Wonderful on the pool and on the sea, as each room is equipped with air conditioning and equipped with an LCD TV screen, the decorations are characterized by luxury, where each room has a marble bathroom, a minibar and many services, and the hotel has a private beach, gym, a number of pools and a club for children. Val and many facilities, as well as rooms for conferences and parties, and the Baronne Palace Resort contains a number of restaurants that provide the best and most delicious international dishes, the hotel provides transportation service to and from the airport, which is located 17 km away, and the hotel is also located at 23 How much from Giftun Island.

  • Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel:

It is considered one of the best five-star hotels in Hurghada, this hotel is located near the seashore as it is just four minutes’ walk from the seashore, this hotel is characterized by attracting huge masses of tourism and has its own water theme park, It also has a pool area and a golf course, and the rooms in the hotel are air-conditioned and upscale with charming views of the pool and the beachfront. The rooms are equipped with the best entertainment services, each room has a mini bar and an LCD TV. The hotel also has four dining outlets Which provides the most delicious and delicious For international cuisine, there are a number of enjoyable activities and activities on the beach. Among the most important activities are windsurfing, swimming, paragliding, water skiing and other fun and exciting water sports.

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  • The Oberoi Resorts:

It is located in the Sahl Hasheesh area of ​​Hurghada, and it is considered one of the luxurious resorts that are classified as a five-star category, with many spacious suites that feature wonderful views of the resort’s beach, and in every suite that has an LCD screen and a bathroom with glass walls and a shower and it has A marble bathtub with free Wi-Fi. The resort also contains three restaurants and a spa and has a gym equipped with the latest and best fitness equipment. It also includes many different recreational activities that can be practiced at sea.

  • Premier Romence Boutique Hotel:

This hotel is considered one of the most ideal options in the event that you want to spend busy and active times with a life partner, where to move and shop, as it is located near the center of Hurghada, and this sophisticated resort is located 22 km from Hurghada Airport. The hotel includes an outdoor pool and bar A lounge, spa, three restaurants, a café and a private beach. The hotel rooms feature distinctive balconies overlooking the sea or the pool. The rooms have air conditioning, TV screens and a mini bar.

  • Tropitel Resorts:

This resort is located in Sahl Hasheesh and is considered one of the best places to spend honeymoon, it is rated five stars, as this hotel features wonderful views of the Red Sea, and the hotel has a distinctive sandy beach and attached to it a dock for small boats. The hotel also includes three outdoor pools and a swimming pool Dedicated to children, the resort features modern rooms that have been provided with all amenities and that feature wonderful views of either the pool, the sea or the garden, and the hotel has four varied restaurants that offer the best and most delicious international dishes, as it has a number of recreational facilities and has a water park and spa .

  • Old Palace Resort:

It is one of the five-star resorts, and it is located in Sahl Hasheesh, which has a wonderful mountain background, and is only 200 meters from the beachfront. This resort includes a spacious room equipped with all amenities, as the rooms are air-conditioned and include many TV screens with satellite channels, and in each room there is a bar Small, and one of the most important things that distinguishes the rooms is their wonderful view that overlooks either the pool or the sea and is attached to each room a sophisticated bathroom This bathroom contains a bathtub and a shower and a hair dryer, this is beside that the hotel includes two distinct restaurants, and includes a health club and four bars and a water sports center and night club Spa, and resort is available The transfer time to and from the hotel is 25 km away from the airport, and the resort provides transportation service to Sahl Hasheesh.

  • Ali Baba Hotel:

It is considered one of the best hotels in Hurghada, as it is located very short distance from the beach. This hotel has a water park and it is in a great location.

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