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A guide for the best and best hotels in Paris, the capital of love, magic and beauty, and the first destination for everyone who carries art and a desire to live a life of the highest standard ever. It is Paris. This European capital, which has everyone’s attention, has all the achievements, at all levels. We cannot deny that the greatest achievement of Paris itself is tourism.
Here is an article from Arab travelers on the best hotels in Paris

Best hotel in Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower

  • The experience of staying close to the most important landmarks of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, is an adventure-worthy experience, especially for reservation fees. The hotels nearby are known to be fairly expensive, and the following are our most important nominations for a window that overlooks your hotel on the Eiffel Tower in Paris:

Mercure Paris Center Hotel

  • It is close to the Eiffel Tower, and is close to the Seine and the Trocadero square.
  • The hotel has an indoor garden, a private pool and a gym.
  • Arab visitors to the hotel praise its cleanliness, simple and modern style, level of service, and excellent location.

Hotel de la Bordeaux

  • The hotel is in the middle of the center of the French capital, Paris, and it directly overlooks the Eiffel Tower, and access from it to the Garnier Palace and other sights is easy.
  • The hotel features simple classic furniture with attractive colors, quiet lighting and meeting rooms.
  • Arab visitors to the hotel also praise the level of service and cleanliness of the hotel.

Novotel Eiffel Tower Hotel

  • The hotel has spacious rooms decorated in traditional French style. The hotel also has a private pool, gymnasium and massage rooms.
  • Visitors to the hotel are praised, those who have enjoyed staying at affordable prices, and the level of service and cleanliness.

The best Paris honeymoon hotels

  • There is no doubt that the Parisian tourist destination is the first in front of those who are looking for a special location for a happy honeymoon, and the following are the recommendations of the binaries regarding the best Paris hotels for honeymoon:

La Cinque Code Hotel

  • The hotel has a simple and modern design, and it is quiet and warm. Attached to the rooms are elegant balconies designed to welcome you first morning and evening breezes in a romantic fresh atmosphere.
  • The hotel overlooks the Eiffel Hotel and is close to the Louvre Museum.
  • The hotel is recommended because of its privileged location, and provides a sense of comfort and easy use of the facilities.

Hotel Vice Versa Paris

  • Variety in shape, color, space and view in the total number of rooms in the hotel is one of its most important advantages.
  • The hotel has gift shops and lots of other privileged services that can be obtained 24 hours from the front desk.
  • The hotel was appreciated by the husbands and recommended by them and the other residents of the hotel.

Pavillon Monsio Hotel

  • The hotel is distinguished by its classic design, and it is considered one of the best honeymoon hotels.
  • The hotel has simple, modernly designed rooms that are soundproof.
  • The hotel is 17 km from Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees.
  • Visitors and residents of the hotel praised the hotel’s location, staff, and the hotel’s provision of various amenities and caring for hygiene.

Best Paris hotels for families

  • Paris has a huge variety of hotels that are appropriate for considerations of taste, material, and location for families of hotel lodges. Among these are:

Select Hotel

  • Set in the heart of the Latin Quarter, its style combines classic and modern architecture.
  • The hotel overlooks the Luxembourg Gardens and is 3 km from the Champs-Elysées.
  • All luxuries are available in the suites of the hotel, as well as cleanliness, comfort, staff, location and facilities.

Tourisme Avenue Hotel

  • The hotel has multiple services, located on Avenue avenue Paris, with its mini-market, café, terrace and restaurant.
  • The hotel is keen to provide smoking rooms and non-smoking rooms. There is also the possibility to obtain tickets to visit the sights, and to rent bicycles.

The recommendations and recorded opinions of users of the various services help in choosing. Especially if it comes to your next vacation in Paris.


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