Closed entertainment places in Dubai that make you enjoy an entertaining and beautiful time, especially in the summer. Many prefer to go out in the summer and enjoy summer holidays, but the extreme heat is considered one of the biggest obstacles that prevent enjoyment and going to visit different places, so Dubai has provided many closed places that give the visitor Have fun and listen out of the hot sun. In the following article in Arab travelers, we get to know the most prominent indoor places in Dubai.

Indoor entertainment venues in Dubai

Sky Dubai Mall

It is one of the largest indoor recreational places that bring pleasure to its visitors. It is the largest indoor snow park in the world, with an area of ​​22,500 square meters. It contains the longest paths estimated at 400 meters and descends by about 60 meters. Visitors can also practice acrobatic movements that cause happiness And fun in Quarter Pipe.

I-fly Mirdif City Center

CenterFly is located in the Mirdif area in Dubai, and it is the first vertical air tunnels in the world, through which you can fly in the air and experience the flying experience to very high levels, it is one of the most places that bring endless pleasure to visitors from all over the world.

The Dubai Mall skating rink

This Olympic size circuit is located inside the Mall of Dubai, and it is one of the largest circuits that provide the pleasure of skiing, which gives an endless pleasure to its visitors, so visitors from all over the world come to enjoy the circuit that provides ski music to power Inside the ring and ignited the spirit of competition between the two teams.

Hub Zero

The largest recreational complexes that include the largest and strongest group of different games, which achieve endless fun, including shooting games, fantasy and action games, and many sports that inflame the spirit of enthusiasm and competition between the two teams, and include games that suit all age groups, children and adults.

Ibn Battuta Switch Bowling

It is considered one of the largest bowling centers dedicated to playing bowling in the country, and many championships of banks and companies from many regions are held, and it is considered one of the best places for fans of playing bowling.

The Green Planet

Green Plant is located inside the Center Walk City Dubai, and includes about 3 thousand different types of plants, as it contains the largest giant water basin in the world that includes the largest group of different fish such as fish orbae and Qurtubi fish.
It also contains the biological dome, which is one of the most important recreational and educational domes at the same time, it includes the largest internal man-made tree in the world, and it also includes the largest group of exotic animals in the world such as American toucans, crocodile lizards, and the tailed tip.

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