Thailand islands near Bangkok an opportunity to get a quick trip to a group of the most beautiful beaches of the world at the same time that the traveler remains close to the capital. Most of the famous tourist islands in Thailand are located in the far south of the capital, which makes reaching it takes a long period of time. In this topic, we review the best islands of Thailand near Bangkok, which do not take long to reach, as tourists can spend a quick day on one of its beaches, then return to Bangkok again.

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Thailand islands near Bangkok

Thailand islands near Bangkok

Koh Larn (140 km, 3 hours)

Koh Larn is the best island in Thailand near Bangkok, where the island is known for its beautiful primitive nature and provides amenities on it. The island is known as “Al Marjan Island” and it is famous for its white beaches, water sports and many seafood restaurants. The island is divided into two eastern parts and is the most crowded The western one is the quietest and one can be switched by taxi. The island can be reached by using water ferries from Pattaya in about 50 minutes.Thailand islands near Bangkok

Koh Si Chang (110 km, 2.5 hours)

It is a popular tourist destination for tourists and locals near Bangkok. Koh Si Chang is characterized by the presence of many fishing villages, small temples and paths covered with dense trees. There is also an impressive array of restaurants that offer meals at low prices with many options between seafood A bus from Bangkok Bus Station to Sri Racha for two hours, then ferry ride.Thailand islands near Bangkok

Koh Crete (10 km, 45 minutes)

Koh Crete is not only considered one of the islands of Thailand near Bangkok, but it is also the smallest, with an area of ​​no more than 2 km x 1 km. The island has been inhabited by “Moon” tribes since the eighteenth century AD. Koh Crete is not a beach island in the understandable sense, but it is a picnic.Thailand islands near Bangkok

Koh Samed (220 km, 4.5 hours)

Koh Samed is famous among the islands of Thailand near Bangkok as a favorite place for young people and students to spend their weekly holidays. The island cannot be classified as one of the islands that can go in one-day tours because it takes time and effort longer than others. Also read: Top 7 halal restaurants in Bangkok Thailand to the Arabs, although relatively after the island, but it is worth a visit because it includes a group of the best white sandy beaches. The island is also characterized by being the most drier in terms of climate among the islands of Thailand, and it has many amenities such as restaurants and places of water sports. Bus ride from the "Victory Monument" in Bangkok to Ban Phe Pier in Rayong for a period of three and a half hours and then ride the speedboat or water ferry for another hour to reach the beach directly.

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