The best leisure activities in the Belgrade Forest, Istanbul, Turkey

المسافرون العرب

Belgrade Forest is one of the most beautiful and charming natural areas in Istanbul and the most famous of all. What are the most important activities that can be participated in in this wonderful park? How can it be reached? What are the different services provided by this vast forest?
Belgard Forest can be considered a unique natural reserve, as it contains many dense trees, rare natural plants in addition to the diversity of wild animals that live among the trees, and the forest extends over a large area of ​​about 5300 hectares, all of which are landscaped areas covered with greenery and beautiful trees, which makes them protected Comprehensive, where the number of tree and plant species in it may reach two thousand species.

How do I get to the Belgrade Istanbul forest?

As for the ways to reach the Belgard Forest, you have three solutions:

  • There are many ways to get to the forest, the most famous and easiest is to rent a taxi, but as you know you may face some high costs, especially if you are a tourist.
  • You can take the water ferry if you are in Besiktas port, which will reach you to Sariyer port, and from there you can take a car or bus to Belgard Forest and return in the same way.
  • Take the metro: You will have to take the metro from the hagiosman station, which will take you to otobus station, and then take the bus to sanyar. In general, getting to it from Istanbul is not difficult at all and will not take long.
  • Belgrade Arab forests traveling:

  • The Belgard Forest is one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul. We will get to know it in detail on the site of the Arab travelers. Its importance is not limited to that, but it can be considered as the largest source of water in the town. It includes about seven huge lakes and still today, the dams that were built in the past are present among the folds of the Belgard Forest, which It was established in the old Ottoman era.
  • Belgrade is one of the most important natural reserves around the world, where it is the shelter of many wild animals, rare birds of all kinds, while walking in the garden you can listen to the sound of the endless sweet birds singing that can be observed on the thick trees, you will feel like you are listening to natural playing Solo is self-comforting and deodorizing.
  • When you arrive at Belgrade Park, you must purchase the Forest Pass Cards from the main gate. The entrance fee is 5 TL per person on regular weeks and ten pounds per person on public holidays, and you can use a mobile application to facilitate access to the forest and know its dates.
  • Activities in the Belgard Forest:

    Among the great activities that can be done in the Belgard Forest:

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    • Upon entering the Belgard Forest, you will face directly the dazzling fresh water fountain in a circular shape, from which many roads branch. It is preferable to take the first road from the right, which will reach you to the trees surrounding you from all sides, until you end the road to a wonderful lake full of amazing neighborhoods from Ducks, and various types of water turtles. You can enjoy the tranquility of the place and the beauty of nature, and then you can visit the Sarrar region that is near the area, where you can get the best lunch and the most beautiful seafood in a place facing the sea directly.
    • It is one of the best places to practice outdoor sports where the forests surround all sides, and there are many places in the forest dedicated to practicing different types of sports, where the paths for walking, jogging and cycling to encourage you to practice your favorite sport in a healthy atmosphere amid the scenic landscapes Tall trees.
    • Belgrade forest provides many recreational activities, including barbecues that are held in special places for that. There is also a place that contains many restaurants that prepare delicious Turkish food in addition to Arab and international restaurants and a lot of cafes in each place to relax and chat with friends, amid A poetic atmosphere, comfortable and calm.
    • You can rent bicycles in the woods and take a cruise by renting a boat so you can saturate the magic of nature, the splendor of the trees and their very impressive appearance.

    Visit dates for Belgrade Park:

    • It can be visited on any day of the week except Sunday as a holiday.
    • It opens its doors to visitors every day from six in the morning until five in the evening, Turkish time.

    In the end, we advise you to definitely visit the Belgard Forest, as it is one of the best places to escape the crowding of tourists in Turkey and Istanbul, as it is one of the places characterized by the beauty of nature and tranquility, and many activities that suit families are done, and it is preferred to visit it in the middle of the week to get the best experience and avoid Park congestion that occurs on weekends and public holidays.

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