The Hungarian capital Budapest is made up of two cities, Buda and Pest, which each have special characteristics. Now a number of bridges connect them to form the big capital. There are a lot of activities that can be done in Budapest, such as eating delicious dishes in restaurants, cafes with a beautiful beauty, or enjoying a warm bath in the atmosphere of the wonderful city. Here are more activities and entertainment places to enjoy a happy vacation.

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The best leisure attractions in Budapest

Szechenyi Bath

Budapest includes one of the largest tourist resorts in Europe, which enjoys a large number of warm-temperature swimming pools throughout the year, you can choose from as you wish. The lowest temperature in these baths reaches twenty-seven degrees Celsius. The largest spa treatment in Europe. Designed in a Baroque style building, it includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools beside a sauna, and steam rooms. You can enjoy playing chess while enjoying a warm bath, or just relax in this wonderful place. This makes it one of the best recreational attractions in Budapest that must be visited There is also a gellert bathroom, and although smaller in size it has a picturesque design, allowing you to have fun and relax. Address: Alkriti Corot 11Read also: Tourist places in Budapest worth visiting

Funicular Hanging Railroad

This hanging railway is located in Buda Castle, and allows you to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of a number of the most important Budapest landmarks such as the Danube, the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, and the huge dome of St. Stephen's Church. It is considered the second copy of this amazing invention. The vehicle carries twenty-four passengers in one tour, and is considered one of the most tourist attractions in the city. Address: Clark Adam Tru


One of the best leisure attractions in Budapest. The place includes a number of prison-like rooms. The time you enter the room closes the door, the game gives you a specific time to search for the exit key. The game gives you a batch of adrenaline, and a lot of fun. Just collect your close friends, and do not miss that wonderful pleasure. There are also some games that give you time to destroy a bomb, disable a program that kills human life, or search for the largest diamond found. It all requires you to have a high resolution, and a lot of focusRead also: The best sightseeing places in Bratislava-Slovakia

Krumplis Lángos

Budapest has become one of the most important cooking cities in Europe, due to the wonderful classical Hungarian cuisine. Such as; Lanqosh, flat cake topped with cheese, sour cream and garlic. It is characterized by low prices, against this delicious taste, and amazing quality. Address: Florian T

New York Cafe

It is not possible to leave Budapest without visiting this wonderful place, which is one of the best leisure tourist attractions in Budapest. New York Café is not limited to a cup of coffee, or some delicious dessert, but rather a light-eyed museum. It is characterized by its design, sculptures that fill it, For this reason, it is considered the most beautiful cafe in the world. You will feel like drinking coffee in one of the palaces of antiquity. Address: Erzebet Card

Fogas Haz

One of the most important celebration places in Budapest, which attracts many tourists from all over the world, where a number of concerts, seminars, and discussions are still held, which retain the spirit, and bohemian thought. Address: Akaka Utka 51

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