When you decide to live in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, you will surely face the problem of searching for housing that suits you and your family, as you seek to find a place that suits your needs and your lifestyle, and many people are used to going to Jakarta for the purpose of entertainment and enjoying a wonderful tourist vacation with the family and you can also permanent residence in it With your family, it is an attractive city characterized by its popularity and its unique tourist places that attract thousands of tourists every year, and today we will go together on a new journey that we tour all over Jakarta to find an ideal place in which we can spend the tourist vacation with our family so go ahead with us Find out about the most popular accommodation there.

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Accommodation in Menteng

Menting is one of the accommodations that suit families and is located in the center of Jakarta, making it one of the most suitable tourist places for family housing. The Menting area contains a large number of international and national companies that you can work with, and you can also enjoy shopping in its commercial stores that contain all the needs The family In addition to the availability of a large number of restaurants that offer delicious types of food, surely your choice will be one of the best options when deciding to live in Menteng, that wonderful area that contains houses designed with a historical and beautiful architectural design also this region is characterized by its streets that P lined with charming trees.

Housing in Kemang
Kemang neighborhood is considered one of the most popular and famous housing places. Migrant workers come to live with their families in the Kemang region because of their proximity to international schools, distinguished cafes and grocery stores. It is a truly distinctive area that meets all the needs of the family. On the weekend, clubs and bars in which tourists spend the most beautiful times abound, along with the presence of wonderful hotels that provide five-star services to tourists with attractive tourist attractions and high-quality services, it is one of the best popular and most suitable areas of housing. Jat family and is the only drawback of rain and devastating floods season.

Kibayoran Baru

This area forms a large segment of South Jakarta and it is a comfortable area for family housing. You can enjoy housing there with your family as the region is characterized by calm with restaurants and places for entertainment where shows and concerts are served with delicious meals to suit all tastes.

Kibayoran Lama

The Kibayoran Lama region is considered one of the most important areas of family housing and it is one of the most expensive places for housing because it has very wonderful services, when you wander through its streets you will find equipped international schools at the highest level and restaurants that provide the best services in addition to having excellent residential apartments, and one of the best features The availability of apartments is more affordable than the ones in Kemang.

Tangerang District

This region is located in West Jakarta, it is a sprawling region that contains its own centers, distinctive restaurants and a lot of comfort and entertainment places, where you will find everything that suits your needs and the needs of your family.

Jalan Jaxa District

If you are looking for a place for family housing, but it is not expensive, we advise you to live in the Jalan Jaxa area, which is characterized by its prices that are suitable for everyone, and this region is considered one of the most popular and popular areas by tourists who come to it a lot to enjoy a distinctive and inexpensive housing experience in addition to the area contains Restaurants and shopping centers at affordable rates. This area is near Menting.

Bogor region

This area is also one of the attractive family housing areas, as it contains suitable places for housing at prices that are suitable for all.The region contains the presidential palace and is characterized by its civilized appearance and its beautiful appearance, where green squares are spread in all of its streets in addition to the presence of lounges and gardens that families stroll with, you can wander in Its streets and enjoy a distinct experience, shopping and buying all your needs at reasonable prices. You can also rely on the train to move from one place to another.

Tanah Abang District

This area is considered one of the most popular family housing areas, it contains a large group of shopping centers to enjoy the best shopping experiences at the best prices, and there are many shops that sell wonderful and attractive Indonesian fabrics and antiques, along with a lot of restaurants that offer delicious family meals At very little cost, with a range of luxury hotels that provide the best services to tourists.


This area is also one of the distinctive family housing areas suitable for permanent housing, it is an area close to the city center of Jakarta and located in its south, you can reach its international schools easily and it contains corridors that facilitate access to various attractive tourist places, also contains the best shopping centers, restaurants and places Recreation You can also enjoy spending the best times with your family in the morning and evening.

Senian District

This area is suitable for new married couples to spend their honeymoon or suitable for families who want to live in one of the high places that contain a lot of entertainment places, gardens and restaurants, as the Senian area contains complexes and entertainment centers that are suitable for adults and children in addition to the presence of shops and shopping places Which spreads everywhere and sells the finest products at affordable prices as it contains all the needs of the family, you can live in it and enjoy a wonderful time with the family.


This region contains a group of quiet residences that nest trees on it and give it a very attractive appearance, in addition to the presence of cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment places such as gardens, clubs and other places that suit families, and the Kipti region is characterized by its comfortable and somewhat small back streets, it is Among the areas of special attractiveness that are located in the south of Jakarta, you can live with your family if you love calm and comfort. And here we have wandered in most of the places suitable for family housing and the most popular and popular places by tourists and families who want permanent housing or enjoy a special tourist vacation, on the promise of a new journey in which we enjoy wandering in the wonderful city of Jakarta that is distinguished by its ancient popular neighborhoods and its shops that sell The finest Indonesian distinctive products, along with entertainment places suitable for adults and children and beautiful clubs that are characterized by their wonderful activities, in addition to the presence of gardens and their scenic landscapes, local and international restaurants that offer the finest types of food and For meals that suit all tastes, it will surely be a great tourist experience for you and your family when you decide to live permanently or spend your vacation with your family in one of the unparalleled areas of housing in Jakarta.

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